What is a Bath Sheet and Should You Buy One

If you have ever wondered what a bath sheet is, then you have come to the right place!

We get it. It’s super confusing when first hearing the term “bath sheet” to imagine what could make it so different from a towel.

Do you sleep with it? Is it linen fabric that is normally used for beds? Your imagination has probably taken you in every which direction in trying to determine what a bath sheet is.

But we are here to let you know that you are not alone. And we want to help clarify what a bath sheet actually is and explain why you need to buy one!

That is why we have compiled a list of what a bath sheet is and all the reasons you need one in your life!

1. Bath sheets are bigger than towels

The name sheet is used to allude to the fact that this is not your average-sized towel. In fact, a bath sheet is so big that it puts average towels to shame! This does mean that because more fabric is used (and tends to be of higher quality) that your bath sheet will be a bit more expensive than a bath towel. But quality is worth investing in!

2. Bath sheets are way more absorbent

Isn’t it the worst when you go to dry yourself off with a towel but feel like it has only made you wetter? Bath sheets are made with high-quality fabric that is not only soft to your skin but also zaps all the water away without making you feel like you are curled up under a damp rag. Instead, it dries you off in style and comfort! Talk about indulgence!

3. Bath sheets can’t be hung on a towel rack

Because bath sheets are so much bigger, they don’t really fit on your average towel rack. But not to fear, as there is an easy solution for this! Instead, you’ll get a hook for your bathroom door, which the bath sheet can hang off of without having to touch the floor. An easy fix!

4. Bath sheets give you a big cuddly hug

There is nothing more frustrating than going to wrap yourself in a towel, only to find out it doesn’t quite fit all the way around you! But there is an easy fix for this.  A bath sheet provides more than enough material to get around any body size or shape, meaning anyone who gets a bath sheet will also be signing up to getting a big cuddly hug every time they use it!

5. Bath sheets are luxurious

We all deserve to feel pampered. And with so much of our life still being at home, why not upgrade our bathroom routine to make it feel like a spa? Investing in a quality towel will give you an extra boost of joy every day, which is needed as self-care is so important for our wellbeing. So while we may not be buying a cruise around the world ticket just yet, we can buy a really nice bath sheet to make us feel like we have a spa day every day at home.

So in short, do you need a bath sheet? Well,  if you enjoy quality things in life, want to feel extra dried off after your shower or bath, and want to get a big cuddly hug every time you go to dry yourself off, then a bath towel is for you! Getting a bath towel is one of the easiest ways to add luxury to your life and bring an average daily task a bit of glamor!