Where to Find High Quality Two Piece Swimsuits

Summer is here! It’s finally time to have some fun in the sun. The only problem is finding the right two piece swimsuit. There is just something about swimsuit shopping that makes it an absolute nightmare. Maybe it’s having to get completely naked in a department store fitting room. Maybe it’s how the bottoms never look good with your underwear tucked in – since let’s face it even with the sanitary stickers it feels wrong to not have underwear on. Whatever it is – sometimes trying on bathing suits in the store can be stressful. Then no matter how many different styles you try on, since you’re stressed out, nothing ever feels sexy.

There is always online shopping for swimsuits; but, it can be hard to trust the quality of a product when you are shopping online. Even if you read reviews sometimes once it comes in the mail you can tell it’s shoddy quality before you even try it on. That can be so frustrating and dissapointing. Instead of taking a risk on a new brand, shop for a new two piece swimsuit from a high quality brand you know and trust. When you know that the quality is great you can trust it will fit your body better than some unknown fast fashion brand.

When you shop for high quality two piece swimwear the price tag can be a little daunting compared to it’s fast fashion counterpart. However, you really do pay for what you get. By investing in a high quality two piece you’ll have a new swimsuit in your collection summer after summer. The fabric really does last so much longer and this will be better for you, your wallet, and the environment.

So Where Should We Shop?

For a boho chic beach look search no further than Johnny Was for the perfect high quality two piece swimsuit. These suits are classic and feature bright colors and patterns to help you stand out at the pool or on the sand. Two piece swimsuits from Johnny Was feature the quintessential California quality of the clothing brand with an even easier, breezier, beachier twist.

This is high quality resort wear to make you feel like you’re on vacation all summer long. Johnny Was two piece swimsuits  have more support, so you can feel confident splashing around without wondering if there will be any surprise peekaboo moments. Unlike flimsy fast fashion, Johnny Was has a quality you can trust. Everything will stay in its place and you can spend all day sunbathing, swimming, or even playing some beach volleyball – worry free.

When you choose a high quality two piece swimsuit from a brand like Johnny was you can be more certain to find the right size. They offer plus sizes and this kind of size inclusivity helps high quality swimwear stand out. With so many sizes, styles, and patterns you are sure to find the right two piece swimsuit.

Plus, when you shop from Johnny Was you have more than just a swimsuit to work from. If you find a two piece swimsuit you love online there will even be suggestions on how to style that suit for the perfect beach day look. Add one of their stunning kimonos, a hat, glasses, or some chunky jewelry and really take your two piece swimsuit to the next level.

High Quality Swimwear is a More Sustainable Option

It can be so tempting to save a bit of money and go for the cheaper two piece swimsuit; but, when you invest in a high quality swimsuit you’re also investing in our planet. Fast fashion is seriously terrible for the environment. First off by making so many clothing items so quickly these fast fashion brands create about 20% of  wasted water every day. This water accumulates over time. Since fast fashion is usually made in countries with very different environmental laws this untreated, toxic, water then enters our oceans. The same ocean you hope to swim in and enjoy in your sexy new two piece swimsuit.

Not to mention fast fashion contributes to the excess of microfibers we are finding in our oceans. This is because to keep the clothing cheap and supply costs low brands turn to lower quality and inexpensive fabrics that break down faster. This is harmful to marine ecosystems. Plus, since it’s lower quality, the product doesn’t last as long. That means these items eventually end up in the trash. In fact about 57% of discarded clothing goes to the landfill.

By supporting Johnny Was you can support a healthier earth and find two piece swimsuits that will last you for years to come. Be a part of the solution by supporting brands that take a more sustainable approach to creating amazing swimwear.