Why Granola Bars are the Best Snack

Snacks are the lifeblood of many of our daily routines. Meals, sure, those are cool and necessary, and we dig them, but snacks? Snacks are the apex. A snack can be everything from a handful of trail mix to your favorite hot chips to multiple slices of pizza if you put your mind to it. One of the best things about snacks is that there is no set acceptable timeframe to enjoy a snack. And the best snacks are, arguably, the midnight ones.

So, snacks are great, yeah? But which one reigns supreme? We think that title of Best Snack may just have to go to granola bars, and here’s why.

Nutritional Value

Okay, even though this isn’t the most exciting factor in what makes a snack great, it does mean a lot if the snack you’re snacking on is also good for you. Though some granola bars are unfortunately packed with added sugars and artificial flavors and ingredients that leave you feeling bogged down, natural ones like the kind offered at Over Easy are made with whole ingredients that you can recognize. Fruits, oats, egg whites, and nuts are all you’ll find in these natural granola bars.

Natural fruits, oats, and nuts contain minerals and vitamins your body needs to function successfully. The addition of egg whites gives it an added protein element necessary in muscle building and cell repair.

Feel Fuller for Longer

Though we love (LOVE) chips and candies, they don’t exactly leave you feeling particularly satiated. This means you’ll require another snack in under a few hours. Though more snacks are good, filling snacks provide more sustenance.

A good, solid granola bar comes packed with ingredients that your body craves to stay fuller, longer. With complex carbs (oats) and natural sources of protein, a granola bar gives you a perfect combo for energy that will last at least until your next meal, making it ideal for a little boost during that late-afternoon lull at work.

With granola bars, you can feel full without feeling bloated or bogged down. This means all the energy with none of that gross “ugh, I overate, and now this sucks” feeling.

Variety, the Spice of Life

Along with feeling fuller and more nutritional value, granola bars can come in a wide variety of flavors so that you never get bored eating the same thing every day. Big peanut butter fan? Sweet, grab a granola bar. More into choccy chips? There’s a granola bar for that, too. If you don’t want something too sweet, there are chiller granola bars available just for you.

Perfect for Any Time of the Day

Another thing that makes granola bars the absolute best is that they’re acceptable to eat at any time of the day. For an on-the-go breakfast, you can quickly grab a granola bar as you’re walking out the door for a no-fuss, yet balanced, breakfast (no more coffee on an empty stomach WOOT). Plus, they’re more suitable for an 8 AM wakeup time than, I don’t know, beef jerky (no judgment if you’re into that, but… for real).

If you tend to get tired or lose steam throughout the day, pack some in your bag for all-day energy. Or they make a delicious, balanced addition to that turkey and swiss sandwich you pack for lunch every day.

One of the other positives about granola bars is that they’re low-maintenance and not sensitive to temperature, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them cool or refrigerated. This also means you can stash them anywhere and everywhere, just in preparation for those times when hunger just sneaks up on you.