You can customize your t-shirts with some remarkable inks

The fabric and the color are the most vital elements of a custom T-shirt. For making the T-shirt attractive, durable, and impactful, the design plays an exciting role. If you compromise on any of these aspects, you might not get your expected results. Getting the best strategy is related to printing ink. By using the correct ink, you can make the design stand out. In the case of screen printing, the type of ink becomes a crucial matter to contemplate. You must understand the characteristics of multiple ink categories to select the one that suits the T-shirt design.

Playing with different types of inks has never been so enjoyable

Custom T-shirts have gained popularity because of the impact it creates. Whether it is a formal event or an informal gathering, there is no alternative to custom t-shirts. You may also use them for personal reasons. If you want to create an impact by way of your taste, there is no alternative to custom T-shirts. Hence, a proper understanding of the different types of ink will help you in this regard.

  • Plastisol ink: A very common ink used for screen printing is plastisol ink. It is durable and versatile and thereby perfect for printing custom T-shirts. It is effortless to work with plastisol ink as it easily mixes. In case you are using screen printing, plastisol ink is the best option. The highly dense ink is suitable for different types of fabric and is known for its viscosity. It is ideal for professional T-shirts and also for softer prints. For creating an opaque pattern, you require consistency. You can derive this only by way of plastisol ink. Plastisol ink is a practical option as it is accurate and matches the family of color systems. However, working with plastisol ink is sometimes a problem. Since the ink is thick, it does not get soaked by the fabric. It settles on the material and takes time. Hence, it gives a plastic or rubbery feel to the image. However, there are ways of reducing the thickness and playing with the final effect.
  • Water-based ink: Water-based ink binds with the fabric very effortlessly. Because of this, it gives a natural look to the garment. The print looks more solid and softer as it binds well. In the case of white fabrics and light-colored fabrics, you can use water-based ink. The method is used by print-on-demand Canada with for its vintage look and easy-to-work characteristic. However, you cannot use ink for dark garments as you require a white base for working with these inks. Since the ink is water-based, you have to wait until the color dries. Hence, it becomes difficult to operate with it in humid conditions and the rainy season. You require a heat source for drying the fabric. The semi-transparency of the ink is another area to concentrate. The ink works best on cotton fabric when you use the muted version of the ink. However, in recent times, printers have developed new ways for using water-based ink on different materials. You have to invest your efforts if you are using water-based ink on multiple fabrics. Keep in mind that the shelf life of the ink is limited. However, the ink is eco-friendly and can provide you with the best results when used correctly.
  • Discharge ink: Discharge ink replaces the original garment color with its dye. The ink is available in water-based and plastisol types. Various printers use this ink as it is beneficial for dark garments, requiring no under basing. However, you have to learn reliable ways of working with the ink. The ink helps you save money as well as time. You require skilled and experienced workers to execute discharge ink. In addition, the heavy smell of the ink requires you to work in a well-ventilated workspace.
  • Special effect ink: Custom T-shirts these days come in different effects and designs. Earlier, you would find white T-shirts with a simple logo. However, those days are gone. These days personalized T-shirts with unique designs have seen a surge in its demand. When you hit the market, you may find distinctive designs with different ink and colors on the t-shirt. Sparkle and shine on the T-shirt create a win-win situation both for the wearer and the brand. T-shirts that provide a vintage effect and refuse to fade away are the best options. You can design such T-shirts with the help of special effects ink. Light-activated and the heat-activated color is gaining popularity these days. It means that the image on the T-shirt changes color under special light or temperature. Hence, these tips help in grabbing attention and provide you with a unique look.

Custom T-shirts have always been in trend. If you want to create a vintage effect, you have to consider these types of inks. These factors determine the final look. However, when selecting the ink, pay attention to the procedure you are using and stick to the end goal in mind.