Simple Explanation Of Blackjack Rules And Value Of Card

Blackjack is the most popular online casino card games online. The origin is unknown to us. However, records from Spain and France show that since the 17th century, people have enjoyed card games that aim to score 21 points. Current blackjack echtgeld casino rules go right back into these games.

The rules of Blackjack are simple and clear to everyone. Although it is a gamble, most casino visitors around the world consider it to be the best bet. They appreciate the fact that they can influence the course of the game by making wise decisions that help them. The more detailed study also presents more strategic options and depth of rooted play.

Blackjack: gameplay and basic rules

The simple game system attracts players with flocks to blackjack tables at traditional casinos and the best online casinos. Beginners get into the game quickly and can enjoy the experienced players they have for a long time. Get everything you need to get started here.

Blackjack table

The gambling table has a circular shape. It offers space for six players, sitting in front of the dealer. Each participant has his or her own small storage space for chips. With each promotional available and side betting, there are betting platforms you can bet on. In addition, the most important rules and percentage of payment can be found in the abbreviated form in the blackjack table.


Depending on the blackjack variety, there could be up to 416 cards in this game.


You place your bet using chip chips or tokens. Different colors represent different placement values. Blackjack online also reflects your need for betting.

Card slide / card shoe

Card slide card shoe

The dealer removes all play cards from the slide (English: shoe). This ensures that the game is fast and that cheating is not possible. Usually, a card slot contains cards drawn from multiple sets of cards. Many casinos use what is known as a cut-out card to indicate that only a certain number of cards remain in the shoe and that a new card with newly changed cards is required. This scale makes card counting difficult.

Cut out the card

The cut card is inserted into the card structure for easy identification. If it’s his turn, they change the shoe. The game continues with new replacement cards and blackjack kartenwerte.

Card rates in blackjack

  • The meaning of the cards in blackjack is immediately explained: 1-10 cards are numbered, jack, queen and 10 king each. Aces can be counted as 1 or 11 when scoring goals. They are always considered to be beneficial throughout the game.
  • As for the course of the game: the dealer deals two cards to the players facing the clock side. He also gives them two cards, but at first he shows only one. The hidden card is called the hole card. After that you need to decide if you want to stop (stand up) or get another card (hit).
  • In the first case, you run the risk that the dealer will get closer to 21 in the course of the game, and in the second case, you, in the first position, are at risk of over-buying. As long as your hand is less than 21, you can request additional cards at any time.
  • If you get 21 points right away with the first two cards, you have blackjack and you win fast! After that you can look for a higher payout, which is usually 3: 2. For a bet of € 10, this equates to a profit of € 15. The game cycle lasts one to ten minutes with the best blackjack providers online for real money, depending on the course of the game.