5 Professions That Can Help You Escape Technology

By the end of high school, most students have figured out what career they want. Because of the modern emphasis on technology, most of them choose to bet their future on the IT sphere. They want to be programmers, UI designers, or digital artists.

But it may not be the best choice for people who don’t like to depend on technology. There are many interesting and well-paying professions that use little to no tech. Some of them have been around forever, while others have emerged lately.


Even in this digital age, books still hold great value. Librarians are keepers of knowledge inside their pages. Although not the most prestigious, this profession is still popular. Spending a day among tomes of immortal authors instead of talking to people is a dream for many people.

People with a degree in library science can work in the best libraries in the country. This means exclusive access to the most thought-out and rare volumes. On slow days, librarians can relax and read all the books they didn’t have time for in college.

One must possess a set of skills to keep up with book management. But librarians rarely have to do anything that requires high involvement of tech. The profession has a good balance of work and life. There is rarely any overtime, and the weekends are always free.

If you land a job in a city with many schools and colleges, you are going to earn from $55,000 to $74,000 per year. It’s pretty good if you take into account the time and effort of getting the job.


There is always a demand for fixing and maintaining homes. Most people don’t know how to do it and turn to handypersons to solve their problems. Those choosing this profession often have to know how to do various types of work. Such tasks may include the following:

  • installing drywall;
  • painting walls;
  • installing flooring;
  • assembling furniture.

Being a handyperson is a good choice for people who want to be stuck in the same place day after day. This profession is also a great way of staying in shape. You will always be pulling weights and staying active throughout the day.

The only downside of being a handyperson is having little to no spare time. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people calling at 2 AM or 3 AM in case of an emergency. Of course, there may be situations that call for immediate action, for example, when a pipe bursts and the house can get flooded.

The yearly income will depend on the level of expertise. While the most unskilled workers make about $24,600 a year, the top of the competition earns $63,140 yearly.

Music Teacher

Being a music teacher is a great choice for those who want to spread the joy of playing musical instruments. You will be able to teach various interesting people from all backgrounds. Some of them may specialize in other subjects and take up music as a hobby. Others train to become professional musicians.

The job of a music teacher has them make an individual curriculum for each student. You must also be able to play the instrument you teach. You will be in charge of providing student materials and tracking their progress.

This profession requires much academic effort. A degree in music/music education is the first step in this career. Next comes completing a test for teachers and acquiring a certificate. All this will cost time and money, so be sure you have both before enrolling in a music teacher program.

Those that jump all the hurdles will be able to make a good living for themselves. Currently, the yearly median salary of music teachers is about $55.099.

Truck Driver

While the job may seem dull and mundane at first, things couldn’t be farther from the truth. Being a truck driver doesn’t need any deep technological knowledge and can be very rewarding. It is a perfect job for people who love driving and traveling by car. Depending on the traveling route, you will be visiting different cities and countries.

Another positive aspect of choosing this career is job stability. You will never run out of work. Trucking services are a vital part of many industries. For example, retail stores rely on truck drivers to keep the supply chain running.

Of course, there is a downside to the profession you should take into account. Being a truck driver means spending many hours a day behind the wheel. Without proper exercise, there is a risk of developing obesity and heart diseases.

Besides, operating a vehicle for a long time can make you sleepy and unfocused on the road. If you want to choose this job, make sure to find a business that pairs drivers on routes.

Farm Manager

This profession is perfect for those who love the outdoors and spending time on farms. You will get plenty of fresh air, physical exercise, and work in the fields. Farm managers coordinate the day-to-day operations on agricultural lands.

Not only will you hire, train, and supervise farmers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops yourself. Professional perks include help with relocation if a manager decides to move to another county or state. Farm managers also stay in paid homes and have the benefit of paid sick time.

The downside of choosing this profession comes from the fact that the work never stops. You will spend most of the day waking up early in the morning to inspect every aspect of the farm. The only season for relaxation is winter, and even that has some preparation for the planting season. It’s no easy job, but it pays well with around $66,478 yearly salary.


As you can see, all these professions have their ups and downs. The only common thing is that they are a great way of earning money and staying a mile away from technology. Pick one for yourself, and best of luck!