9 Benefits Of Using An Online PDF Tool

Most businesses and offices nowadays are keen on using PDF for their documents. It’s the image-version of your documents that makes it a more readable file. However, a basic PDF viewer has its limitations. You cannot make any changes or modifications to your documents using a view alone. While this is an advantage to ensure that your documents will keep their integrity, this can be a hassle if you need to update them. How to create pdf from images? Click here to know.

Luckily, there are PDF editing tools available today. One of the most convenient ways to manage and maintain your PDF documents is by using an online PDF tool such as PDFBear. It’s a web-based platform that offers a variety of tools to help you manage your PDF files. Here are some of the benefits of choosing to use this platform. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about free online edit.

It has a lot of features

PDFBear is an all-in-one tool that allows you to perform various managing features for PDF. You can easily convert pdf to word, Excel, PowerPoint, and vice versa. There are also editing tools where you can edit the contents of your document, add a page number, insert a watermark, and delete some pages. In case you want to optimize your PDF files, this tool can also help you combine multiple PDFs and save them as a single file. You can expect to do all these tasks with this reliable tool.

It is free and no account required

One of the best things about PDFBear is that you can use it for free! Unlike other PDF editing tools where you need to pay for a subscription or membership fee, PDFBear is open for use for minimal processes. Additionally, you will not be required to sign up for an account or to create an account. All you need is to access their website and you’re ready to use all their tools.

Pro membership is an option

If you are planning to use the tool more often, there is an option to sign up for a Pro membership. Aside from using all the features for unlimited times, a Pro account also comes with access to cloud storage. It means that you can save all your edits and conversion files on the storage and access it at a later date.

You don’t need to install anything

Since all processes will be done online, you can save a lot of time and effort downloading and installing a software. PDFBear does not need to be installed on any device which makes it more convenient to use. Once you have your browser and Internet ready, you can already start managing your PDF files just by accessing your website.

It works on all devices

Another advantage of using an online PDF tool such as PDFBear is that it works on all devices. You can say goodbye to the hassle of switching from one device to another when managing your PDFs. This online platform can be used regardless of whether you are using a computer, a laptop, a tablet, and even a smartphone.

It is compatible with all OS and browsers

Aside from its compatibility with all devices, PDFBear is also compatible with all operating systems and browsers. It means that it works perfectly on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, you will also not encounter any issues accessing it on Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. PDFBear makes sure that they can help everyone who needs a managing tool for their PDFs.

Keeps the same quality of your documents

Some people are hesitant to convert their files to PDF because of the fear that it may diminish their quality. One of the best things about PDFBear is that it has the capability to keep the same quality of your documents. You can be sure that all the texts on your documents will be readable and can be zoomed in. This also applies to images and graphs for your spreadsheets and slideshow presentations.

It is very user-friendly

PDFBear uses a non-complex tool to make it easier for people to use their tools. All the features available on their site are using a 4-step process. It means that converting, editing, and managing your PDF files will only take about 2 minutes to finish. It is surely more convenient compared to other tools.

It is guaranteed safe and secured

Because of the many malicious activities that are happening online, PDFBear makes sure that you are protected all the time. As stated in their Privacy Policy, this tool is using advanced technology to ensure that their users are safe from any Internet horrors. All the information uploaded on their site will automatically be deleted on their servers an hour after processing it.

Key takeaway

If you want to use PDF for the long-term, it’s important to have all the necessary tools to manage and modify your tools. This will ensure that all your documents are updated and credible at all times. Visit PDFBear.com to know more about how an online PDF tool can help you.