Four Ways To Ensure The Best Aerial Photography Using A Drone

Four Useful Tips For Using Drones To Capture Quality Aerial Footage

Drones have steadily proved themselves to be one of the most useful inventions out of the host of new technologies becoming available today. While they have come to be used for a wide range of purposes, one of the most popular continues to be aerial photography.

1. Buying The Right Drone For Photography

Though drones come in a variety of sizes and price tags, if you are serious about what you are doing, this is generally one of those things that requires some investment. Many drones are made for the sole purpose of photography, which can help narrow down your search. Otherwise:

  • A decent controller – Unless you drone happens to be Read-To-Fly (RTF), you will likely need a good controller. In the end of the day, unless you plan to rely completely on pre-programmed flight, the better your control, the better your photography will ultimately be.
  • A decent power-supply – While drone batteries and their lifespan are steadily improving, it’s worthwhile taking precautions to protect the one you have. A decent charger will help improve the batteries’ overall lifespan in the long run. 
  • Do your research first – Whatever you do, don’t rush into buying your drone. Do some thorough research and look up your exact needs. Also research the locations you are going to be flying at, its weather, etc, and do a thorough risk assessment

2. Other Accessories

If you don’t already have them, the following accessories can greatly help you attain the best experience, and safety, possible.

  • A Gimbal – If you want to add even great stability to your drone, and ignore the weather, an attachable gimbal is exactly what you need.
  • Extra batteries – This is a basic sensible thing to do. The need for an extra battery may come at any time. If you don’t want to be stuck with a dead battery at that perfect moment you been waiting for, best get an extra one.
  • A Crash Pack – As the name suggests, crash packs are made to protect you from those all-too-common accidents. It may very well save you a fortune in repairs.
  • VR headset – If you are able to splash out, getting a VR headset to link to your drone not only allows for an exciting and breathtaking visual experience, it also gives you far superior control of the drone, and awareness of what you’re looking at.

3. Plan Your Flight

It may be tempting to just take off but planning your flight can be what stands between you and losing your drone completely. Plan your route, consider elevation and obstacles, factor in weather conditions, and always be sure to check the local drone laws for the location you are visiting. If the conditions are not favourable, rather spend some time at Big Dollar Casino as it’s not worth risking losing your drone.   

4. Be Considerate

If you are flying your drone in a public or residential area, always consider factors such a noise, the privacy of others around you, and just whether you are being a nuisance in any way. Also always be sure to never fly your drone in a reckless manner, or where there is a potential to crash into someone and cause injury.