How to choose a convenient e-signature platform?

Modern realities require a quick and clear transformation, therefore, instead of standard signatures, electronic signatures are now actively used. Of course, it will not look exactly like a signature on paper, but it also has legal force. An electronic signature, in fact, is a cryptographic encryption of information, which contains a special key with data about the use.

An electronic signature is required in cases of confirming your identity on various online services. But most often this type of signature is needed by those who conduct business or are a representative of government.

You can issue an electronic digital signature using special free e-signature platforms, for example, such as SignWell. This free software allows you to fill out and sign legal documents.

Why pay attention to free e-signature software?

First of all, it is necessary to touch on the financial side of the issue, since using the services of a free e-signature platform is much cheaper than other paid electronic signature tools. You have to pay $ 24 for a month of working with this software, but this is a good investment in the future to quickly obtain a legally strong digital signature. Of course, someone will decide to choose other free e-signature software, and that is their right. Moreover, most of the free platforms perform as well as those for which you have to pay.

Such applications like SignWell are based on the availability of special offers and the necessary functional content. That is, in order for people to want to use them, the following functions must be present:

  • Simple, intuitive interface that any kind of user can work with;
  • Guaranteed reliable support and a clear security system;
  • Ability to work through mobile devices without quality loss;
  • The ability to work together with other useful applications.

You should not be led by those who believe that such functionality and services are impossible in free e-signature platforms. Moreover, the fear for the security of one’s own data and possible information leaks is something that is not found in both paid and free software for electronic signature. A striking example of this is the PandaDoc platform. This is a completely secure application that many business owners may not pay large unjustified sums of money for. The platform is designed for the strongest possible security of user data, because we are talking about documents.

Moreover, the simple interface allows you to work with the documentation quickly and efficiently. And the ability to work with PandaDoc on a mobile device simplifies work and allows you to conduct business from any convenient corner of the world.