Tips for Producing an Inspiring Corporate Video

Today’s customers have endless expectations and you may be running your business down if you facilitate one-way communication in dealing with your customers. Small businesses and large brands continue to adopt different corporate video techniques in communicating with customers effectively. Generally, videos are a great storytelling tool, especially for millennials and Gen Zs. However, many corporate brands face challenges meeting their production key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are some tips for your creative team in producing inspiring corporate videos.

Have a plan

Video production can span over a long period with long-running budgets, and many businesses may be tempted to give up after a few attempts that produce little results to show for their efforts. Making a production plan can be the best way to manage the frustration with contracting video production services and procuring logistics for your shoot. A good plan keeps your production efforts documented, so your production team can measure their inputs and generate strategies for workforce optimization.

Focus on your customer

Great video production prioritizes customer needs at all times. But harnessing customer preference insights from different channels is easier said than done, as each digital channel comes with its demands and analytics resources that might not tell an inclusive customer journey. Luckily, modern corporate brands can consider various customer relationship management solutions like an omnichannel call center in providing a consistent experience for their customers.

Beyond the seamless experience, a good contact center solution affords corporate brands cutting-edge tools to harness and leverage customer data and can give you enough resources to manage social media, phone calls, and other customer interaction efforts. Having enough control over customer activities can give you significant knowledge to produce corporate videos that resonate with customers.

Create your story

A good video script is an important feature of the general video production process. Producing inspiring videos can begin with creating inspiring scripts. Creative ideas play a vital role in preparing corporate video scripts but as a corporate brand, your customers’ needs matter as well. Check your brand’s various channels of communication for real-life customer experiences to feed scripting ideas. It can be a customer’s perspective of your company’s future, or you can seek permission to feature testimonials in your scripts. Using such a human-centered approach can help create great results for your brand awareness and marketing goals.

Prioritize quality

Video producers have a myriad of options and trends in creating great videos. There might not be a single template to create an effective social media video, however, you can trust consumers to appreciate high-quality work. Today’s customers will react positively to brands that integrate quality assurance in their marketing videos.

The only way to churn out high-quality videos as a corporate brand is to enlist the best people for the job, from cinematographers to sound design experts. Contracting a video production company with significant years of experience might be expensive, however, seasoned professional video consultants and technicians are often efficient with their services from brief to the final product. That can save you unnecessary costs in repeating production for your commercials and other corporate video content results.

Share your content

Shooting a great idea for your corporate video isn’t enough. Often, a brand would share a great video on its timeline expecting significant interaction history from loyal customers but it doesn’t always work that way, and it’s rarely your customers’ fault. Facebook alone sees close to a billion posts each day. Brands on Twitter, Instagram, and the entire online marketplace consistently competes for attention. Therefore, the metrics can only favor corporate brands that focus on content distribution as much as production. It pays to have a distribution plan tied to measurable metrics for the short and long term.

All in all, creating inspiring videos can help ramp up your brand visibility. Adding a human touch can carve a unique experience between your brand and its target audience. Ultimately, doing it right can scale up your marketing efforts.