Useful Tips & Advice For Starting A Youtube Cooking Channel

Awesome Tips For Starting A Cooking Channel On Youtube 

Youtube is a large and busy platform, and it can be quite intimidating for everyday folk who are thinking of creating their own channel. Food and cooking topics and content, though, are generally a good way to go, as not many creators are willing to put in the time, effort, and patience to make s cooking channel work.

1. Watch As Many Food Channels As You Can

Perhaps you do this anyway, but every time you watch a food channel, pay extra attention to everything. Note the format, the length, the presentation and colours, the music, pace, mood, and even the food ideas. Every tiny little detail is important. 

This is not to say you must try and make a carbon copy though. But insights to “what works” can be invaluable. Likewise, reading the food blogs and other content from successful creators and influencers can also be of great help.

2. Find Your Niche 

This may be something that’s far easier said than done. However, it’s vital that you brainstorm this portion of planning to the greatest extent that you are able. Don’t stress too much though. If you are all out of ideas, here are a few things to consider:

  • You could start off by using, or creating, something that you are confident is a winning recipe.
  • Enjoying yourself is important. Think of something you love to cook, or love about the process. Great passion, and even simple appreciation, could very well become a core reason that people are drawn to your show.
  • Many people enjoy more simple content formats. Perhaps videos with no speaking and pleasant music is the way to go? Perhaps all you need to show is your hands, preparing the food in steps? Such things are well worth considering. In the long run, it’s usually best to go with what best suits you here, rather than the audience.

3. Be Realistic

Now this is not to say, doubt of yourself. Rather just be realistic about what you can do. Making content demands a lot more time and effort than most realise. Unless you have solid plan, and know exactly what to do, and what to expect in terms of workload, don’t rush into it. Piling too many things onto your plate from the get-go can quickly lead to burnout. Just like when you play at Black Lotus, set a realistic timeframe and stick to it. 

4. Learn And Practice Video Editing

Unless you have someone to help with this, which is also a good idea, video editing will likely take up most of your time. Learning to do it quickly and professionally will therefore save you a lot of time, backache, eyestrain, and yawning, from hunching over your PC all night and wearing yourself out.

5. Do it – Don’t Procrastinate

As in life, there are no guarantees of success on Youtube. However, the only real failure would be to not try at all. Keep in mind that the vast majority of successful Youtube creators also had humble beginnings. So, try, and then try again. If you can stick to it and persevere, the subscribers will come.