What Is the Difference Between Printer and Photocopier?

What is Printer?

It is a hardware instrument which receives words, diagrams or flows chaat from the computer and places this data or information on the best quality paper. There are many different types of printers used in the world. They differ in their features. You can earn cash for toner by selling it.

What is a Photocopier?

A photocopy is the process of scanning or copying from, document to document means scan or put the paper machine and machine gives the copy, which is the same as the original. A photocopier can make a copy of every type of document and image when it is on paper—basically the photocopier works as a duplicator.

The Difference Between Printer and Photocopier

There is a small difference between printer and photocopier as the photocopier is a more convenient and reliable source of getting more and more copies at a time. Still, the printer has less productivity than a copier; it is popular due to its excellent functioning. You can learn more about it by  Photocopy Machine.

The printer does not perform the task which a copier can, and copiers cannot perform a task that a printer does both are unique in their features. But if you are in business, then it is necessary to have both to fulfill their projects. The printer is a little more expensive than a copier.

The printer gives a copy of that text or document in which we connect with it by a computer or any USB device; however, the photocopier only provides that copy with which we scan or put in it. Also, they have a difference in their size as a photocopier machine is heavier than a printer and takes extra space.

Ø Features

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Features of Photocopier

1.   Increase or Decrease the Size

It is an excellent feature of a photocopier that can rearrange the size of your text, photo, or diagram. You can quickly decrease the size of the picture into small and increase the size of your words.

2.  Scanning  or Printing

It can scan a large number of the document without getting blur, and with this hard copy, it also saves a soft copy that you can store on your computer for later use. Some photocopier machines also have printing additions.

3. Arranging Documents

Some great features include the sorting of pages according to their number after creating a copy of the document. It arranges them, in order and some may have an automatic binding system.

4. Computerized Feeder

One of its Amazing properties is that you never need to place the document on the machine one by one, only put a bulk or a bundle of paper together on it, then it will produce electronic copies.

Features of Printer

1. Speed of Printing

Speed depends on the color of ink means a good printer produces 18 to 20 colorless prints and 8 to 10 for colorful pages in a minute. And very easy to run without taking help from others.

2. Reliability and Compatibility

This is the most beneficial and essential feature as your printer should have the ability to connect with every system and must please all the demands of the connected system and should be reliable or convenient to use.

3. Use a Small Amount of Ink.

Latest or unique printers transfer a document from soft form to hard one by use of minimum ink. With a printer, it also depends upon the software which you use for the printing. In this way, it will never leave spots on your paper. Additionally, knowing how to fix a dried up ink cartridge can extend the lifespan of your printer and save you money on replacements.

4. Provides Clear Document

Produce an accessible document, and you can read or identify all the text or diagrams quickly without making much effort; you need to maintain it.


So finding the difference between photocopier and printer is not so easy because one copier may have printing properties, and the printer has photocopying wealth. Both have a range of characteristics that can boost your progress.

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