Why You Should Get Yourself A High-Tech Toilet

Upgrading Your Toilet

Ever thought of how to upgrade your boring looking bathroom? Unsure of how to make it look grander than it already is? Do not worry, we have something just for you – we’re talking about having a high-tech super toilet. These toilets are filled with the modern technology that is created with the purpose of ensuring comfort, convenience, cleanliness and even a little bit of added fun.

What’s more, many of these new commodes have obtained the EPA’s WaterSense label. You heard that right! This means that not only will you have for yourself a funky and high-tech toilet but you would also have one that is able to ensure that you use less water while ensuring the best efficiency.

Intrigued? Let us share more about the different features if you are keen on getting a high-tech toilet for yourself! If you have a small bathroom, here are some more toilets suitable for small spaces.

Dual-Flush action

Calling all eco-friendly individuals out there. This function will surely bring you delight. A dual-flush action means that the toilet has two buttons on its tank. This gives you the option to do either a full flush or a lighter one. The latter is used for liquid-only waste. With this function, it helps to reduce the amount of water being wasted. There are some high-efficiency models that help you save water that is well under the government’s standard of ⅙ gallon-per flush. Using the tank cleaning machine adequately and effectively will ensure the continued efficient performance and long-term storage of its tank.

Heat Seats

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and cold morning toilet breaks during the winter. A lot of these high-tech toilets come with an electrically warmed perch that will help warm up your seat to provide you with comfort. There are even higher-end models which are able to not only warm your feet as well but play songs from your favourite playlists while presenting you with a colourful light show. If Kohler’s toilet is too pricey for you, fret not, there are also affordable ones that can greet you with soft blue LED nightlights.

Integrated Bidets

Many high-tech toilets now have a bidet function already installed into them. This is great for hygiene purposes. One example would be the Japanese manufacturer Toto’s Washlet toilet that comes with an integrated bidet that promises to provide users with a “natural, purifying experience” leaving users both “happy and clean”. This is done with the help of remote control that is either next to the seat or attached to the wall depending on your preference, which deals with the operation of the toilet in terms of the heat of the seat as well as the pressure of the bidet spray. Consider this, your personal home spa service.

Comfort stool height

Compared to the regular toilet seats, these high-tech toilets have their seats built in a way that they are seventeen to nineteen inches high. This makes it so much more convenient when it comes to using the toilet. This is especially so for those who are living with elderly parents who might not have that much balance and strength.

No-touch flush

The ability to flush a toilet without touching it is not something new to us. However, many users do not have such toilets at home due to how pricey it tends to cost. However, there are now toilets that also have this automatic flush function that is not only affordable but great for residential use. How the flush function works is that it either senses that there is no one on the seat or by placing your hand over the motion sensor. Talk about convenience.

Motion activation seats

Imagine, not having to lift or close the toilet seat after your partner or family members living in the same household as you. That would save a lot of arguments, wouldn’t it? Jokes aside, these high-tech toilets usually come with a motion sensor that automatically lifts the seat when it detects someone approaching. When the toilet is not in use, both the lid and the seat will be automatically brought down. This is usually powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged. Additionally, one charge can last up to three months.

Touch Screen Remote

All of the high tech toilets come with a touch screen remote that helps with the different functions of your toilet such as adjusting the bidet’s water pressure, pairing your Bluetooth device and determining the temperature of your heated seat.

Automatic Deodorizer

Some of these high-tech toilets are even able to help you maintain a fresh and clean smelling bathroom. This is because some of these toilets have an automatic air freshener feature installed into them.

Bluetooth Speakers

Want to listen to your favourite playlist or podcast while in the bathroom? Well, some of these super toilets come with built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers to help you do just that. There are even super toilets that are not only able to allow you to pair your device to it through Bluetooth, but are also able to read SD cards to create a verbal greeting for you every time you use the bathroom!

Built-in Lights

For an additional soothing feel to your bathroom, some of these super toilets have lights built into them to give your bathroom a different aura. Built-in night features are also available in some too.


With all this in mind, you might be interested in getting one super toilet for yourself. Though some of these might be a bit too costly, there are also other alternatives that are much more affordable yet still able to give you the basic functions. As such, when you are choosing your very own super toilet it is firstly a good thing to consider which functions are important and necessary to you before deciding on which brand to purchase. There are the higher end brands such as Kohler’s Numi which is described to be one of the best super toilets that are able to work even with a power failure due to its built-in backup battery. If these toilets are too expensive for you, it should not stop you from window shopping!