Apply For Australia ETA | Travel Guide and Advisory

Applying for Australian ETA is very simple and straightforward if you submit the ETA application via Natvisa – a platform at which an expert team reviews your application thoroughly before further proceedings and lets you know to correct the application’s errors causing rejection of your ETA application.

Australia ETA

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronically stored authority comparable to a visa connected to your passport number. In the event that your passport has changed, you should apply for another ETA. The ETA permits valid passport holders to visit Australia for a passport.

So if you are planning to travel to Australia, you must be glad that you are at the right place as stays as the option for every visa seeker today. The Australia ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is saving countless time and money for travelers who are submitting their applications via our platform Natvisa. Whether you are unsure about the fact that you are eligible or not, or don’t know how to apply, then Natvisa ETA Visa has covered you.

Explaining the Australia ETA

An Australia ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is basically a digital visa that is electronically linked to your passport and authorizes you to enter the country. However, the Australia ETA is not a work visa and is only for short-term visits such as for tourism and business activities (e.g., contract negotiations, attending conferences, general business inquiries).

Types of Australia Visa Processed by Natvisa

Following two types of ETA Visas for Australia are processed by Natvisa:

Tourist ETA

The tourist ETA for Australia allows multiple entries to stay for up to 3 months and is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Eligible citizens can complete the simple Australia ETA online application form with personal and passport information.

Business ETA

The business ETA for Australia allows you to enter multiple times and stay there in Australia for Up to 3 Months, and this visa remains valid for 6 months starting from the date when the visa was issued.

After going through the eligible criteria, you can find yourself whether you meet the requirements or not and accordingly can apply for Australian e-Visa online via Natvisa as Natvisa provides you a fantastic platform for getting an Australia Visa successfully.

Processing Steps for Australia ETA

Application for Australia ETA is processed in three steps at

Online Application

At the very first step, Natvisa receives the application for an Australia ETA visa, and then the application is sent to the review team that works and goes through the application thoroughly and checks whether the application meets all the requirements or not and once found.

Receive Document

Once the application is approved, and the ETA visa is issued, it’s emailed to the applicant via email. The processing time is up to 3 working days for a normal Business and Tourist Visa and 24 hours for Tourist Visa Express Service (365 days a year). In all cases, processing time starts when the application acknowledgment email is sent after the application is submitted and online payment is successful.

Arrive in Australia

On entering Australia, you will have to present your documents to the immigration officer at the airport or the border if you are traveling via road.

Australia ETA Application Is Strictly Online

Australian ETA application is strictly and exclusively online, which means you have only one way to get the ETA visa for Australia. You can not visit any Australian embassy or the consulate physically and get an ETA visa from there.

For getting your application accepted and your ETA visa approved successfully, you can fill the Australia ETA Application via

Conditions for Australia ETA Application

Following conditions are there for the Australia ETA application:

  • You must understand what your visa permits you to do while in Australia.
  • After your ETA is allowed, you can enter and leave Australia within 12 months, from the date the ETA is conceded or until the expiry date of your passport, whichever is prior.
  • You can remain in Australia for a limit of a quarter of a year on each visit.
  • It would be best if you did not take an examination for over a quarter of a year.
  • You should be liberated from tuberculosis.
  • You should not have any criminal records for which you have been condemned for a total joint time of a year or more, regardless of whether you carried out the punishment/s.
  • It is illicit to work on an ETA issued by the Australian government. While on an ETA, you reserve no option to work in Australia. You can attempt business guest exercises like business inquiries and legally binding exchanges or go to gatherings.

Documents To Be Needed Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at border entry points, it is also necessary to present the following supporting documents:

  • A valid passport of your country of residence
  • Recent photographs of passport size
  • A printed copy of the Australia ETA visa Approval Letter
  • Confirmation of hotel reservations
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Australia
  • Proof of tickets for an onward or return journey
  • For entry, amounts over AUD 10,000, or equivalent, must be declared.
  • For exit, amounts over AUD 10,000, or equivalent, must be declared.

ETA visa holders are also advised to keep a printed copy with them at all times during their stay in Australia.