Best Places To Play Sports in South Korea

If you live in Korea, there is one thing common in every corner of this country: love for sports and fitness.

Outside every building, park, or complex, you will often find fitness training and sporty equipment. The most played sports in Korea include basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, Korean martial arts, fencing, and archery. 

South Korea has numerous sports complex updates with the latest technology to enjoy sports fully. Here are the best places for playing sports in South Korea!

1. Olympic Park  

Located in Seoul, South Korero, the Seoul Olympic Park, also known as Oldpark, witnessed 1988’s summer Olympics. It is known for its world peace gate guarding the flame of the Olympic games. This park includes:

  • Handball Gymnasium  
  • Gymnastic area  
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Tennis courts 
  • Velodrome  

Apart from sports grounds, you can find art sculptures, music fountains, hotels, museums, plazas, and parks. 

2. Incheon Munhak Stadium 

This multipurpose stadium is in Icheon, South Korea. This stadium has witnessed some famous sports events in the past, including:  

  • 2002 FIFA world cup  
  • 2005 Asian athletics championship  
  • 2014 Asian games  
  • Ceremonies for 201 Asian Para Games  
  • 2018 league of legends championship final,  

It was also Incheon united home ground. Some reasons for its popularity are its perfect green ground, large seating capacity, and digital scoreboards.  

3. Jamsil Baseball Stadium 

With an area of about 283,420 sq ft and a capacity of 26,000 spectators, Jamsil Baseball Stadium is a great place to practice sports. 

It is a three-story stadium consisting of 59 entrances. Initially, it got built as the baseball ground for the summer Olympics 1988. Soon, renovations followed for more tournaments. 

4. Suwon Sports Complex 

The Suwon sports complex comprises a baseball stadium, a gymnasium, and a Suwon stadium. This stadium is mainly used for football nowadays and can fit almost 12,000 spectators. The indoor gymnasium of about 22,000 sq ft hosts handball events and has a 5,000 seating capacity.  

5. Cheonan Sports Complex 

As the name indicates, this multipurpose complex nestles in Cheonan, Korea. It opened in August 2001 with 26,000 seats. The first match played in the stadium was the South Korea National Football Team VS Mali. Later, this stadium successfully hosted nine games of the 2017 FUFA U20 World Cup.  

6. Jeju World Cup Stadium 

This stadium is in the Seogwipo city of Jeju province in South Korea. With seats to accommodate almost 36,000 spectators, the unique feature of this stadium is its shape which reassembles a volcano in Jeju island. Its roof is like fishing nets. Here, two FIFA world cups in 2002 and 2017 took place.

7. Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters 

This place, based in the Gangnam gu district, dates back to 1973. It comes under the international sports division of the Ministry of Culture Sport and Tourism. It got built to practice taekwondo, which is a martial art with a five-thousand-year-old history. This gymnasium has played a significant role in International Taekwondo Championships and even hosted The World Taekwondo Championship among 17 countries and 200 taekwondo competitors. It is not only a stadium but also a learning academy managed by experts. It was by their efforts that taekwondo is now considered an official Olympic event. 

Other Smaller Sports Complexes

These include:

  1. Uijeongbu Indoor Ice Rink  
  2. Iksan Jungang Cheyuk Park 
  3. Ju Jonghwan Table Tennis  
  4. Okpa Table Tennis Court  
  5. Suseong Aqua Swimming Pool  
  6. Gori Sports Moonhwa Center 

The Takeaway 

South Korea is a significant sports power. From the FIFA World Cup to Formula One and the FINA World Aquatics Championships, many events took place here.

With the updated equipment and infrastructure required for huge sports events and its government constantly working to keep these stadiums updated to encourage more and more people to participate in sports events, there are several best places for playing sports in South Korea. If you are looking for a sports complex to launch a tournament, do consider the venues above!

Here are the popular sports played in South Korea.