E2 Visa: Processing Time and Expenses

You are planning to travel to the United States for some investment reasons. Now, you must start preparing the necessary documents to travel there without any restrictions or prohibitions. One of the official documents you will be needing is the E2 visa, which suits your position.

This article will talk about E2 Visa, particularly the processing time and expenses you will encounter. Click here if you want to know more about this visa.

Basics of E2 Visa

Before we discuss the time frame of processing and the amount of payment you will need, let us first understand what an E2 Visa is. Like other visas, E2 access is an official document you need to travel to a foreign country legally. The validity period of this visa is up to five years. However, the difference between other visas and E visas is E2 visas are only for investors. To give you a specific qualification for this visa, they are stated in the following:

  • National of the United States
  • Invested or currently investing in a company
  • Entering the United States for expanding investment
  • Same nationality with the employer
  • Meets the definition of an employee in a particular law; and
  • Engages in the activities of an executive or supervisor

The E2 visa is needed when an investor is traveling for investment purposes. The qualifications are straightforward. If you did not meet the conditions, it would be best to consider the other E visas.

Processing Time of E2 Visa

The process of an E2 visa includes application until the distribution of the pass. The estimated period of it is about two weeks to four months. The time frame varies depending on the place of your application. The following documents are needed in processing an E2 visa:

  • DOS Form DS-160
  • DOS Form DS-156E
  • A passport copy authentic for a minimum of six months beyond your stay in the state.
  • Passport Style Photograph
  • Business Plan
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Supervisory or Executive capacity evidence
  • Remittance evidence to the United States
  • Investor’s Nationality Evidence
  • Substantiality Evidence
  • Non-marginal Enterprise Evidence
  • Legit Business Evidence

These documents are necessary for applying for an E2 visa. The United States Consulate emphasizes that there is no guaranteed processing time for E2 access. However, the people who got their E2 ticket informs that it takes up to two weeks or four months.

Expenses of E2 Visa

Applying for an E2 visa also has expenses, which in this part of the article, we will discuss. E2 access is not that expensive, but people and the consulate suggest that it is a lot. The following are the basic fees you should expect when pursuing the visa:

  • $460 Basic Filing Fee. The payment is required every time petition is filed, including for extensions and amendments.
  • Applicants outside the United States need to pay $205 for the Processing Fee. It includes consular processing, which requires the applicant to pay for it.
  • $85 Biometric Service Fee

These are the estimated expenses you will encounter once you pursue E2 Visa. The sum of all the fees is $749. Nevertheless, certain conditions can lessen or double the costs. These are the following conditions:

  • If your spouse or dependents escort you, you will have to pay the basic filing fee for all the visas your accompaniments need.
  • There might be additional charges like the travel expenses to the embassy and if you will apply for a premium which also has a processing fee.


An E2 visa is needed when an investor travels to a foreign country, especially the United States. The processing time of E2 access is not that long, and the expenses are not that high. Nonetheless, you should consider cost-cutting the payments if you are saving. Good luck!