Enclosed or Open Trailer

More and more people are considering buying a trailer for various reasons. They can be used to support hobbies, haul vehicles, for concession businesses, and also for recreational purposes. Whether you are looking for a used 6×12 enclosed trailer for sale near me or some other type of trailer, it can be confusing as to which to go for in terms of models, types and cost. Different trailers are designed to meet different needs. If you are looking to tow various things you would likely invest in a cargo trailer and those come in two types, open and enclosed. Here is a closer look at those options.

The more popular option is enclosed

When people are looking to buy a trailer but are unsure whether to go for enclosed or open, most people tend to make the decision for closed in the end. There are many good reasons for buying a used 6×12 enclosed trailer for sale near me. You can get them with a double or single door to gain access to the inside. Advantages to an enclosed trailer include;


  • Safety and security for the cargo you are transporting. The enclosed trailer protects it from the weather, the sun, the dust, and general debris that gets kicked up during the drive.
  • If you are moving perishable items like food, an enclosed trailer is going to keep them safe to eat and drink for far longer.
  • That security also includes safe from people who might try to help themselves to things in your trailer.
  • Safer for long-distance traveling too.

Open trailers

Despite the above advantages to enclosed trailers, some people still opt for an open trailer. If you are considering a 6×12 trailer for sale or another size, open trailers have their own advantages which include;

  • They are lighter to tow than enclosed trailers which are fairly heavy and for those with certain vehicles, or less experience, that is a draw.
  • Open trailers tend to be more affordable than enclosed as well. You can save a lot of money by choosing an open trailer.
  • Easy and quick access to what you have in the trailer.
  • Good for short-distance towing where security concerns are not as much of an issue.

Choose a trusted manufacturer

As you consider whether to go for an open or closed 6×12 trailer for sale you should consider the manufacturer too. There are some great manufacturers out there with a good reputation for quality trailers and for having great customer service. Explore which ones stand out among trailer owners and try to find those types as you look. It might cost a little more but great quality trailers can last many years and are worth investing in.


Enclosed trailers will cost more but they offer better protection for whatever cargo you are moving around and make sense for longer distances, expensive items or perishable goods. If you need to save money an open trailer could work but be sure it is the right choice. Some people opt to get an open trailer to save money and then just a few years later wish they have spent more on an enclosed.