Road Trip Ideas for Vietnam

Despite being a relatively small country, Vietnam offers dozens of different sights that tourists can take a look at and admire. And, what better way to enjoy visiting Vietnam than by going on a road trip to see some of the best tourist spots that the country has to offer. Of course, it will take hours or even days for you and your companions to get from one place to another, so there will be plenty of free time while you are waiting in the car or RV. To past the time, here are a few road trip ideas for Vietnam.

Read About Vietnam’s History and Culture

You will enjoy the visit to Vietnam even more when you know more about the history and culture of the country. Vietnam has quite a rich history, so there will be plenty of historical events about it that you can read online. By reading their history, you will also get to know their culture, which is needed for you to understand the dos and don’ts that are followed by the Vietnamese. Knowing more about the culture of Vietnam and abiding by it is one of the highest signs of respect for their people.

Search for Places to Eat

Once you reach your destination, there is a chance that you might be hungry. So, before even landing on the tourist spot where you and your companions are set to visit, you should search online for the best restaurants in the area. Vietnam is home to a few of the most delicious dishes in the world, so finding a good restaurant is pretty easy, as long as you read reviews too. In addition, it is better to try Vietnamese food rather than sticking to fast food restaurants that you are normally accustomed to at home.

Record a Vlog

One way to preserve the precious moments of your trip is by recording a vlog and uploading on social media apps like Facebook and YouTube. You can record conversations with friends or road trip buddies, or you can also take a video of the different tourist spots that you are visiting in Vietnam. Uploading the vlog on social media also allows you to share your trip with others who might be interested in going to Vietnam as well, and by viewing your vlog, they will have an idea of what to expect in the country.

Play in an Online Casino

Vietnam is not particularly known for its casinos, so there are only a few places to visit for those who like playing casino games. However, they have an option to play casino games online by visiting the best casino websites offering digital casino games that give out real prizes or money. There are plenty of great casino websites to choose from, including Jackpot Capital casino, so you won’t have a difficult time finding one online. Before creating an account on your preferred website, be sure to check out reviews on it to see if they provide great service and secure payment options.

Floating Market in Vietnam

Learn Their Language

Learning a language is relatively easy nowadays, thanks to the readily available language lessons uploaded on YouTube or Facebook. The Vietnamese language is sometimes hard to learn, but you would only need simple sentences to communicate well with the people living there. By learning their language, you will have an easier time navigating the road trip since you will be able to ask questions on where to go if you ever get lost on the road.

Listen to Vietnamese Music

You can immerse yourself better in Vietnamese culture by listening to some of their local songs on music streaming apps like Spotify. If you have learned their language, you will also have a fun time translating the lyrics of the songs and see if the meaning behind them relates to your status in life. There is a variety of Vietnamese music genres to choose from, but the most accessible ones are probably pop or rock music.

Consider Visiting Places Not in Your Itinerary

If you are the adventurous type when it comes to road trips, then you might enjoy going to spots that are not itinerary. You can use a GPS or location app like Waze so that you will know where you are, and then you can search online for good restaurants or tourist spots that are found within the area where you are situated. However, make sure that the place is safe, and you look for the area’s safety levels by reading reviews about it on the internet.

And there you have it, the best things to do in Vietnam while on a road trip. These tips can also be applied when you are visiting other countries, so if you plan to go to other places in Southeast Asia or anywhere in the world, make sure that you learn their language, history, and culture so that you can have a better appreciation of the beauty of each tourist spot in the country.