What are the 10 best Islands to visit in South Korea?

Although many people associate South Korea with vibrant, hued metropolises like Seoul and Busan, the region is also home to several islands – 3,358 in total. Many have been turned into protected marine national parks, some have become operational centers for fishermen (and women), and others are known for their beautiful beaches and coastal views. Here are a few of the most breathtaking sights in the country. While most visitors to the region are familiar with Jeju, South Korea’s most famous island and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the seas surrounding the Korean Peninsula are home to a plethora of lesser-known sites with breathtaking views and fantastic fishing.

Jeju Island

Clearly on top of the list is the Jeju Island. Jeju Island is known as South Korea’s crown jewel. It is home to Halla-san, Korea’s tallest summit. This location is breathtaking; you will not be bored. It’s the top travel destination in South Korea.

The scenery on Jeju is absolutely lovely, and the beaches are equally so. It is the largest of the islands and offers a wide range of activities, including rock climbing, trekking, fresh waterfalls, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more

Hongdo Island

Hongdo Island is located close to the Korean Peninsula’s southwestern tip. Because residents prefer this island to tourists, there’s a strong chance you’ll be one of just two people on the ferry there.

The population of the island is estimated to be around 800 individuals, the majority of whom work in the fishing business. As soon as you step off the ferry, you’ll be surrounded by people who will offer you fresh fish, which they will cook for you right there. The only means to reach the island is to take a ferry from Make. Tickets can be purchased at the Makpo Ferry Terminal. It should take you just over 2 hours to get from Makpo to the island. There are two ferries per day, one leaving at 7 a.m. and the other departing at 1 p.m.

Geoje Island

In the local community, Geoje Island is referred to as Geojedo. It is located in Geo City, a beautiful hub in the province of Gyeongsangnam. Through bridges, this island is connected to Tongyeong. When you arrive on the island, you will be awestruck by its unparalleled beauty. The island is surrounded by endless stretches of beautiful beaches. It has spectacular cliffs with lush greenery where visitors may relax, take in the views, and snap as many memento photos as they want. Geoje Island is noted for its military history in addition to its beautiful beaches.

The majority of tourists to this island come for an adventure; there are numerous hiking paths throughout the island that lead to spectacular caverns. The best way to see it is to rent a car or a motorcycle and drive along the beautiful ocean-view roads. Previously, you could take a ferry to Geoje Island, but all ferry services were halted at the time. This is all because of the new road connecting Busan and the island. In Busan, you can either rent a car or ride a bus that runs every hour on the hour.

Jindo Island

Jindo is another excellent island in Jindo County that you should not miss on your future South Korean journey. Jindo County, which includes Jindo Island, is an archipelagic region with 230 small islands and 45 inhabited islands. Its name is inspired by a canine breed that originated in the province. To travel to Jindo Island from the mainland, visitors must cross a long cable-stayed bridge. When you arrive in the area, you’ll notice the island’s famed clean beaches set against a mountainous backdrop.

Every islander has a different narrative about the dogs’ origins, but they all admit that their predecessors had them and employed them to hunt various animals and that they always returned home. Jindo is quite easy to get; you can take a bus or train from any major South Korean city. Jindo also has a large number of ferries that travel to other Korean peninsula islands, such as Jeju Island. As a result, it’s an excellent spot for island hopping.

Muuido Island

Muuido Island, also known as Muui Island, is located in Incheon, South Korea. It is close to Yongyu Island and is smaller than the first five islands on this list. From Incheon International Airport, you can view this island. Beautiful beaches with beautiful sands may be found on Muuido Island. In addition, the beaches offer good fishing opportunities. Apart from swimming and fishing, the island offers safe hiking trails for visitors who wish to reconnect with nature while getting some of the best outdoor activities in South Korea. On top of that, the island has a plethora of excellent restaurants.

Seonyudo Island of Seoul

Seonyudo should be on your trip itinerary if you’re seeking a must-see tourist attraction in South Korea’s capital city. It’s a lovely island in the Han River, dominated by the Seonyudo Park ecological reserve. It’s a mesmerizing retreat and a welcome respite from Seoul’s hectic existence. There are various wonderful gardens on the island where you may relax and appreciate nature. The location is at its most colorful during the summer and spring seasons, thanks to the wonderful colors of fully bloomed vegetation. The autumn season enhances Seonyudo’s beauty with more earth-toned hues that are equally as pleasing to the eye.

Gwanmaedo Island

Gwanmaedo is on this list as one of the must-see islands in South Korea. It is located in the South Jeolla Province and is well-known for its magnificent Gwanmaedo Beach. You can go on interesting treks and camping trips in the pine-forested areas near the beach, in addition to swimming and sunbathing till you get your ideal tan. When visiting the island, one piece of travel advice is to bring food with you because there aren’t as many restaurants as there are on the mainland.

Oedo Island

Oedo Island, located near Geoje City on the southern coast of the province of Gyeongsangnam-do, is a popular summer and spring getaway. This paradise, which is the country’s second-largest island, has stunning scenery with forested areas and pristine coasts. On the island, you’ll find stunning Mediterranean-influenced constructions in addition to its breathtaking beaches and breathtaking surroundings. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular filming locations for Korean dramas, given its amazing beauty. Because it is so close to the highly developed city of Busan, getting to Oedo is a piece of cake.

Udo Island

Udo Island, located in Jeju City, is a smaller version of Jeju Island. It is distinguished by its landscape, which resembles that of a cow lying down. The word “cow island” literally means “cow island.” Udo has several beaches. White sand can be found on some beaches, whereas black sand can be found on others. It also features cliffs with stunning vistas like those seen on holiday cards, as well as charming lighthouses, so you’ll undoubtedly shoot a lot of memento photos here. On top of that, flower fields abound on this side of Jeju, giving it the appearance of a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Ulleongdo Island

After a relaxing holiday in Jindo, make the most of your time in South Korea by visiting Ulleungdo. This island, off the coast of mainland South Korea, is a stunning paradise and a miniature version of heaven on Earth. The Seonginbong Mountain Range is located here and will enchant you with its lush, forested base. There are also beautiful beaches, but the Bongnae Waterfall, with its three-tiered facade, is the highlight. It also features magnificent cliffs with panoramic views of the limitless ocean. Swing by Dodong Lighthouse for the greatest views on the island and fall even more in love with Ulleughdo.