Why a Bali Package Holiday is the Perfect Way to Unwind

If you are looking for a destination that will offer you adventure but also the relaxation from the hectic lifestyle, Bali is the right destination for you. Many tourists choose Bali package holidays because it offers various types of activities, wonderful food, and architectural, natural, and cultural gems that will leave you breathless when you visit.

Inside the jungle, there are various natural springs and oases of water, where you can bathe surrounded by beautiful greenery. In addition, Bali has many waterfalls, beautiful rice fields, amazing flower gardens, and river canyons that take you deep into the jungle. All these environments will awaken personal emotions and moments in you that you will remember for the rest of your life. And what excites many at first is the combination of greenery, white sandy beaches, and the wonderful turquoise sea, which is rich in colorful aquatic life. 

Facts about Bali

Bali belongs to the group of Small Indonesian Islands, they have a little more than 4 million inhabitants. The island is rich in various crops such as rice, coconut palms, corn, cotton, coffee, and various types of fruit. However, the strongest branch of the economy is certainly tourism, which is constantly growing. The main and also the largest city is Denpasar.


Bali has a fairly even temperature throughout the year, which is 30 degrees Celsius, but temperatures vary significantly as the altitude increases. The western monsoon brings the rainy months from the beginning of October to the end of April, with the rainiest months being those from December to March, and there are fewer tourists in that period than the rest of the year.

5 must-do things in Bali

Visit Mount Batur

Even if you are not a morning person, you must experience this, which is to visit the mountain and experience the sunrise. The climb up the mountain is not at all easy, but it is divided into stages where you have breaks for a few minutes to rest between walking. The first stage is a half-hour walk to the foot of the mountain and thus begins one of the most beautiful challenges that will pay off when you climb to the top and experience the sunrise.

Mysterious healing water in Tirta Empul

According to Hindu belief, the water flowing from the Manukayas Tirta Empul Temple is considered mystical and healing. Many tourists come here to heal their bodies, souls, and minds. Since there is great interest in this destination, it is possible to walk and see the temple for one hour. The very experience of visiting and relaxing in the holy water is unforgettable and will completely dry you out. For this reason, many pilgrims, tourists, and visitors are happy to return.

Visit Ulun Danu

Surely somewhere on the Internet, you had the opportunity to come across and see wonderful photos of this temple located in Bedugul. This temple is dedicated to their goddess of the lake, where there is a beautifully carved door. Besides the wonderful green environment, the architecture of this place will leave a wonderful impression on you and memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Staying in this place guarantees you tranquility and peace that is inexplicable and incomprehensible unless you visit it.

Surfing in Kuta

Many surfers from all over the world come to Kuta beach to catch the biggest and most beautiful waves. If you have never surfed and you want to, don’t worry, there are plenty of instructors and schools that will teach you how to surf. There are also many different sea activities here that you can do if surfing is your thing.

Relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of Bali

If you need complete rest, staying on the beach with a cocktail in the shade while reading a book is one of the best types of vacation. On every beach there are clubs where you can have a drink or party all while watching beautiful sunsets. We advise you to bring sunscreen because the sun is strong here and you can get sunburned, so it is worth mentioning that you bring a higher protection factor.


If you choose Bali as your destination, you won’t regret it, on the contrary, like many so far, you will surely return to this beautiful country again. Bali has different ambiances that hardly any country has, wonderful weather, the most beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise sea, architectural and natural beauty, delicious food and it has very favorable prices compared to other destinations.