Why Should You Plan a Trip to Goa?

One thing that you can always enjoy is traveling to new places. Of course, when you go to different places, you get to know about so many new spots and lifestyles. Of course, you even get to try out some amazing food items and cuisines. If you love to explore new places then you must go to Goa.

You can easily book your Villas in goa ensure that you have a wonderful time once you are there. After all, goa has so many amazing spots to check out. And most importantly, you are going to find all sorts of environments in the realm of Goa. So, if you have never been to this place then this post will take you through some of the wonderful destinations of Goa.

Baga Beach

This is known to everyone that Baga Beach is the most loved amidst all Goa beaches and in case you are there in this city; you should go to this place.  It is a place that is packed with activities you can indulge in. Baga Beach and its environed areas are surely not going to give you time to get bored.  There is always something or the other to do at this wonderful beach spot. In the morning you can experience gorgeous walks here and during the day basking in the Sun is going to be a great idea. You can even do interaction with so many people gathered therein. You do not require to miss out the water sport activities at this wonderful beech!

Fort Agued

This is a well-preserved seventeenth century Portuguese fort.  The fort is placed on the Sinquerim Beach in North Goa. It was created as the chief defence of Portuguese against Dutch and Marathas. The fort was the most loved and critical fort of Portuguese. The fort is blanketed with thick battlements along with deep dry trench. Two absolutely visiting things inside the fort are thirteen metre high lighthouse built in year 1864 and that of a curved cistern able of storing around ten million litres of refreshing water.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar water falls are located on the Goa-Karnataka border and these are one of India’s must-see places. The four-tiered waterfall formation is one of the highest in the entire country and is spotted on the Mandovi River. The stunning looking white water cascades down from an altitude of around 1017 feet off a rather steep mountain face.  These make a part of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and even Mollem National Park the finest way to go there is by getting through the national park and taking a van owned by the park authorities to these refreshing falls.

You must remember that the Dudhsagar trek within this park is shut to public but you can reach waterfalls by doing your own trekking right from Kulem and following the jeep trail.  Moreover, there is even another well-known route that is trek from Castle Rock in Karnataka. To go to the waterfalls is not going to be an easy task but it is one lively that is worth each grain of effort invested.  The place offers you an amazing experience during the monsoon. You are not going to be dissatisfied once you are therein.  The place is definitely going to treat you really well.

Grand Island

Grand Island is the light of Goa water-sports. There is much to be explored and experienced at this stimulating spot from snorkelling to diving to fishing. Scuba diving at this place is the most adored and popular activity because it offers you so much in the shape of underwater exploration.  This place located in South Goa can give you an inspiring, uplifting and really revitalizing time. If you have never been to this wonderful place, it is the right time to do it now. You should definitely give a try to scuba Diving at this Grande Island in Goa and you would surely get back some adventure filled memories from there. After all, Goa is not simply about romance and all; but also, about much adventure and water games.


It is one of the most loved beaches in Goa.  It is the hugest beach in North Goa.  The beech is a well-known spot with both domestic and international type of tourists.  Moreover, it is the most teaming and commercialized beaches in Goa. During peak seasons, the beach gets crammed with people from around the globe. The beach offers the visitors a stretched coastline coupled with a lively view of sea and the beach front is scattered with huts, restaurants, clubs, and even exciting shopping outlets.   You can even make the most of water games if you love adventure. In this way, you can have a nice time.

Pandava Caves

Nearly nine kms to the south of Bicholim town in North Goa is nestled in the 6th century Pandava cave complex   and also Arvalem waterfalls. The cave complex is forked into 5 compartments and the ‘linga’ preserved in the middle of compartment is held in huge reverence by devotees at this place. Similarly, another amazing near to the Arvalem caves is the well-known Arvalem waterfalls. The water sprinkling down from a height of fifty mts makes for an attractive view. Similarly, there is a park too nearby from where you can easily witness the waterfall as well as the huge lake at the bottom.

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is situated close to famous Princess River and it is known for its devout scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. It is a perfect place for complete relaxation. The beach is explored by various tourists throughout the year. You can easily have an amazing fun with different diving activities at this spot. You can have a good time at this place. No matter you are alone, with your partner, friends, colleagues, or anyone; you can have a great experience in this beach.


So, you must look for Villas in goa and ensure that you have a great trip to Goa. You will not be disappointed in any way. After all, Goa is a wonderful and refreshing experience for visitors.