The History of Kimchi

The History of Kimchi

When it comes to popular pickled foods, Indians have achaar, Germans have sauerkraut, and Koreans have kimchi. The fiery fermented Kimchi from Korea is a living history in essence. It is the national dish of South Korea and dates back as far as two to three thousand years.  A harmonious combination of … Read more

Guide to Different Types of Kimbap

Often called the Korean sushi, Kimbap is a Korean food that is made of seaweed or kim, seasoned rice or bap, and ingredients such as fish cakes, beef, seafood, cucumber, pickled radish, and carrots. Just like sushi, a Kimbap is rolled and sliced before serving. Aside from the ingredients we mentioned, you … Read more

A General Look at History and Korean Cuisine

From the earliest known pottery makers of 8,000 BC, through the evolution of city states and kingdoms from scattered tribal villages and nomadic barbarians, to modern day civilization, Korea has a very rich and colorful history that spans thousands of years. The earliest peoples of the Korean peninsula were small bands of … Read more

Endangered Seafood

A number of seafood species are on the endangered species list, or are harvested in a manner that endangers other than the fishing target species. As a consumer you can make a difference by refusing to purchase or consume the fish and seafood on the watch lists. The following information is compiled … Read more

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