Glossary Index

This is a glossary of Korean foods and food terms. There are quite a few entries here, but this is still far from a complete listing. Glossary Index Acorn – Dotori Acorn Cake – Dotoritteok Acorn Starch Jelly – Dotorimuk Adzuki 팥 (pat) Agwi 아귀/아구 Monkfish/Angler Fish Agwijjim Altang Anchovy Sauce – … Read more

Endangered Seafood

A number of seafood species are on the endangered species list, or are harvested in a manner that endangers other than the fishing target species. As a consumer you can make a difference by refusing to purchase or consume the fish and seafood on the watch lists. Updated: 06/19/2016     The … Read more

Basic Pantry Ingredients

There are some basic ingredients that you should have in your pantry if you will be preparing Korean meals or dishes on a semi-regular basis. These basic ingredients are used in the majority of Korean cooking, and can easily be used in other non-Korean preparations. I have added links to Amazon for … Read more

About Ssam

Ssam refers to a type of Korean meal in which any food (usually meat) is wrapped in some type of edible covering (usually a leafy vegetable). The most common type of ssam is pork wrapped in leaf lettuce or Korean cabbage and served with a spicy condiment called ssamjang, as well as … Read more

About Namul

Namul is a general term for side dishes of vegetables, herbs, or wild leafy greens. The precise name of the dish will derive from the vegetable used and method of preparation. Any type of vegetable, herb, or green can be used as Namul. The dish can include roots, leaves, stems, seeds, sprouts, … Read more