Guide to Chicken Eggs

chicken, eggs, hatch in nest

Chicken eggs are consumed in almost every part of the world, and they have several uses, from cooking to baking. Eggs have been part of every breakfast, lunch, dinners, and even desserts for most of us. But there are still some things that we yet to know about one of our favorite … Read more

Guide to Honeydew

Guide to Honeydew

Just like any other melons, honeydew melon belongs to the Cucurbit, or gourd family. This fruit sweet, scrumptious, and juicy just as long as you harvest them off their vines at the right time. However, it is quite hard to recognize a ripe honeydew compared to detecting ripeness in other types of … Read more

Guide to Korean Barbecue

Guide to Korean Barbecue

Eating at a Korean barbecue restaurant is somewhat exciting with lots of great dishes to try. You get to pick your own non-marinated or marinated slices of chicken, pork, or beef. While you’re waiting for your built-in grills to get ready, you can take a bite or two from the small bowls … Read more

Guide in Planting and Growing Raspberries

raspberry fruits in a tray

If you ask us, we think that every garden should have a ravishing, sweet raspberry plant in them. Plus, for the amount of space that the raspberry plant occupies, they inevitably produce a phenomenal quantity of berries. These berries can be eaten raw, frozen, and they can be used in different types … Read more

Guide in Growing Cauliflower

Growing Cauliflower

Growing your own cauliflower needs a little bit of science and a little bit of luck. This is because these mild, meaty, and nutty vegetable can only grow and flourish in cold weather. An early summer heatwave can cause even the most carefully tendered spring cauliflower crop to thwart. Similar things can … Read more

Guide to Bananas

Banana and cross section

Bananas have been around the earth for thousands of years and have been enjoyed by many as a healthy dish. They are a part of the Musa family, and they produce different kinds of herbaceous flowering plants. Their size, color, and firmness are distinguished based on their types or variety. Still, they … Read more

Guide to Different Types of Strawberries

whole and sliced strawberries, red

Strawberries are one of the favorite crops of several gardeners. We can’t blame them because having freshly-picked and homegrown strawberry in your backyard is still the best compared to the strawberries that are bought in the supermarket. These red, juicy, and sweet fruits might look the same, but did you know that … Read more

Guide to Spinach

Spinach in a bowl

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is native to western and central Asia. The spinach’s leaves are a common edible vegetable that can be eaten fresh or after storage and preservation, such as freezing, canning, or dehydration. Probably most of us hated this vegetable while growing up. But, as we get … Read more

Guide to Pineapples

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is part of the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapples are reproduced from the offset that can be on their top, popularly known as their crown. It takes about five to ten months for the pineapple to develop and mature. Pineapple has been enjoyed by people all over the … Read more

Guide to Different Types of Broccoli

Probably most of us used to throw tantrums when it comes to eating out vegetables when we were young. However, as we grow older, we realized how wrong we were. We realized that these vegetables are quite delicious, and there’s nothing really wrong with eating them. This goes out to all people … Read more

Guide to Watermelons

Guide to Watermelons

Imagine that you are on a picnic and it’s a hot, sunny day. Isn’t it nice to cool off with the bright red and juicy treat? A nice slice or two of watermelons are just perfect for sunny days, as you bite into the delicious slice, the refreshing juice runs down your … Read more

Guide to Korean Tea

Korean tea in a tea house in Seoul Korea

Korean tea is not the most popular tea in the world. Still, the tradition of making and consuming Korean tea goes back centuries. In fact, some research even says that the presence of Korean tea was already in the Korean Peninsula as early as the 2nd century. Nevertheless, the tradition of Korean … Read more

Guide in Planting and Growing Cantaloupes

sliced cantaloupe in a plate

Cantaloupe is a variety of melon which belongs to the muskmelon species. In the United States, the name cantaloupe generally refers to any kind of melon that has a juicy orange flesh along with netted skins. This fruit is also called Persian melons, and they are one of the perfect nuts to … Read more

Importance of Food to Korean Families

banchan variety of side dishes

Every cuisine around the world is developed by the history and culture of the countries where they came from. Besides inventing delicious dishes, some cuisines have even created norms in eating that have stood the test of time. In the case of Korean cuisine, the people in Korea have formed an eating … Read more

Guide to Growing Asparagus

Known for their delicious young shoots, the asparagus is one of the first crops that you can harvest during springtime. Planting and growing asparagus in your garden doesn’t just give you sustainable food; it also good for your health, too. This is because this vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals such … Read more