The History of the Split between North and South Korea

Closeup of the Korean Demilitarized Zone that surrounds the Military Demarcation Line

The allied leaders debated the issue of Korea’s future following Japan’s surrender in the war during the conflict, which led to the split of Korea with the defeat of Japan in World War II. The leaders came to an agreement that Korea would be freed from Japanese authority but placed under international … Read more

The Rise of K-Pop

K-pop, or Korean popular music, is a genre of popular music that has its roots in South Korea and is a component of that country’s culture. On top of its roots in traditional Korean music, it incorporates forms and genres from around the world, including pop, hip hop, R&B, experimental, rock, jazz, … Read more

The Silla Kingdom of Korea

Silla or Shilla was a Korean kingdom that ruled over the southern and central parts of the Korean Peninsula from 57 BCE to 935 CE. The Three Kingdoms of Korea were formed by Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo. The Korean dynasty was founded by Hyeokgeose of Silla, of the Park family, and ruled … Read more

The Paekche Kingdom of Korea

Nambuyeo, also known as Baekje or Paekche in Korean, was a Korean kingdom that existed from 18 BC to 660 AD in southwestern Korea. Along with Goguryeo and Silla, it was one of Korea’s Three Kingdoms. Onjo, the third son of Goguryeo’s founder Jumong and So Seo-no, founded Baekje at Wiryeseong. Like … Read more

The Korean Ondol Heating System

The term gudeul comes from the Korean language. According to Korean folklorist Son Jintae, the word gudeul comes from the Korean word guun-dol, which means “heated stone,” and has been pronounced as gudol, gudul, and then gudeul. The Sino-Korean term ondol was first used at the end of the nineteenth century. Janggaeng, … Read more

The Koguryo Kingdom of Korea

Koguryo, a shortened form of Goguryeo, was adopted as the official name in the 5th century and is the source of the English name “Korea.” Goguryeo, was a Korean kingdom that spanned the northern and central Korean Peninsula as well as the southern and central parts of Northeast China. Goguryeo ruled over … Read more