Nabak Kimchi (White Napa Kimchi, Water Kimchi) Version 2

Servings: 32 Ingredients 1 pound Daikon radish 1 pound small “White” Napa cabbage (young Napa or Napa without the outer green leaves) 1/2 large Korean (or Nashi/Asian) pear 4 teaspoons kosher or sea salt 1 bunch spring/green onion 10 to 12 cloves fresh garlic, peeled 1 ounce fresh ginger, peeled 2 each … Read more

Nabak Kimchi (White Napa Kimchi, Water Kimchi)

나박김치 Nabak kimchi is a type of water kimchi made from thin sliced Korean radish and Napa or Chinese cabbage. This is a refreshingly clean and tangy flavored kimchi that makes a great side dish with Korean grilled meats. Ingredients 1 pound Daikon radish 1 pound small “White” Napa cabbage (young Napa … Read more

Mul Kimchi – Water Kimchi

물 김치 Mul Kimchi is a favorite during hot weather. The chilled water kimchi has a delightful taste, and the cool or cold liquid is refreshing.   Ingredients 1 small daikon radish (1 to 1 1/2 lbs) 1 white napa cabbage (young Napa or napa with green leaves removed about 1/2 lbs) … Read more

Kimchi – Kkaktugi (Cubed Daikon Kimchi)

깍두기 Kkaktugi is a variety of Kimchi that is made from daikon radish instead or napa cabbage. It uses mostly the same seasonings but delivers a quite different flavor. Cool and crunchy, this kimchi goes well with cold soups, Korean Grill, and “Bibim” type dishes. Ingredients 1 large daikon 1/4 cup kosher … Read more

Kkaenip (Perilla) Kimchi

깻잎 김치 A very tasty variety of kimchi. The light mint flavor of the perilla works very well with the kimchi seasoning. Kkaennip kimchi is great as a ban chan dish or added as seasoning to any ssam (leaf wrap) style meal. Ingredients 4 bunches Kkaennip (Korean Perilla, Shiso) or about 40 … Read more