Gochu Kimchi – Green Chili Kimchi

고추 김치 In 2009 someone on Chowhound asked for a recipe for chili pepper kimchi. At the time I had not heard of a chili kimchi, so I asked my wife about it. She did recall something about chili kimchi but had never had it, I asked my mother in law with … Read more

Dongchimi (Radish Water Kimchi / Winter Kimchi)

동치미 This variety of Kimchi can be served as a banchan dish where it’s cool, crisp, clean flavor serves as a counterbalance to fatty and spicy dishes. The liquid is often used in  cold noodle soups as a broth, Servings: 45 Ingredients Day -3 10 fresh green chili peppers 2 tablespoons kosher … Read more

Chonggak Kimchi / “Bachelor” Kimchi

총각김치 There are many varieties of Korean radish that are used in making kimchi. Chonggak Kimchi is a variety of whole radish (including greens) kimchi that is popular throughout Korea. It is also one of the easiest varieties of kimchi to make. In ancient times unmarried Korean men wore their hair in … Read more

Bossam Kimchi

보쌈 김치 This recipe is one version of Bossam (Wrapped) Kimchi, a type of kimchi that is very popular throughout Korea. Ingredients 3 heads Napa Cabbage (about 6 pounds) 1 cup of salt Filling 1 Asian (Nashi) pear (about 10 ounces) 1 medium Daikon radish (about 2 pounds) 1 bunch Asian chives … Read more

Beulokolli Mulkimchi – Broccoli Water Kimchi

브로콜리물김치 A fusion type of water kimchi featuring broccoli. Servings: 12 Cooking Times Preparation Time: 15 minutes Ingredients   1 1/2 pound broccoli florets 4 ounces Korean radish (daikon) 3 tablespoons sea salt 2 tablespoons sugar 4 cloves garlic 3 large green onions 4 red chili peppers Brine 3 tablespoons sea salt … Read more