해장국 Alternate spellings: Haechangkuk This is a thick, spicy, and very hearty soup made from ox (beef) bone broth with soybean paste (doenjang), soybean sprouts, white radish, green onions and sometimes ox blood. Also called early morning soup or hangover soup, this is a very traditional home-style dish often eaten after a … Read more

Eomuk Guksu – Fishcake and Noodle Soup

어묵국수 This is a variation of the Korean eomukguk or fishcake soup. Servings: 3 Ingredients 4 ounces Korean or Japanese tubular fish cake — (4 to 8) 4 ounces Daikon Radish 2 Green Onions 7 ounces asian noodles 2 tablespoons Soup Soy Sauce Substitute Flat fish cake sheet or variety fish cake … Read more