Little known facts about Vietnamese cuisine


Do you know that Vietnamese cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world? Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish sauce, and soy sauce, make the dishes unique, tasty, and healthy. Other than the mentioned ingredients, Vietnamese people absolutely love rice and noodles and can eat them every day. In … Read more

Benefits of eating Vietnamese food


While searching for a restaurant, you might feel like choosing between health and taste. Fortunately, Vietnamese food has solved this problem for you! This Cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes and flavors with all the healthy goodness. If you are interested to know why you should try Vietnamese food and how … Read more

Vietnamese Potato Recipes


Vietnamese cuisine is all about the beverages and flavorful food choices. All Vietnamese dishes have a unique flavor, and this cuisine is popular globally for its taste and healthy benefits. Commonly used ingredients in its recipes include fish sauce, shrimp paste, rice, bean sauce, fruits, fresh herbs and vegetables. Moreover, ginger, mint, … Read more

Pho: National Food Dish of Vietnam

pho the national dish of Vietnam

There are many kinds of delicious dishes and foods that are invented and found in Vietnam, but none is as popular as the legendary pho. Pho is a noodle soup dish that usually contains beef and different kinds of herbs and vegetables to make the broth healthier and more flavorful. Even though … Read more

Characteristics of Vietnamese Food Culture

pho a Vietnamese noodle soup dish

Vietnamese cuisine is underrated when compared to other Asian cuisines, as its dishes can be considered less popular than Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes. Most people would often have the notion that Vietnamese cuisine is primarily comprised of leafy vegetables because of the abundance of green in popular Vietnamese dishes like pho … Read more