Guide to the Regional Variations of Vietnamese Cooking

different foods from Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is simple but never dull, as foods and beverages in this country feature a combination of five fundamental tastes in overall meals, namely sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.Aside from the common features that Vietnamese dishes share around the whole country, food in each of its regions has its own distinctive … Read more

Top 10 Vietnamese Dishes to Try

There are plenty of delicious dishes to try in Vietnamese cuisine. The country is known for its abundance in vegetables and herbs, so that’s why they have incorporated these greens as ingredients for food, making several Vietnamese foods as some of the healthiest and most nutritious dishes in the world. From vegetable … Read more

Guide to Pho

Pho is considered to be the staple comfort food in Vietnam. Typical ingredients found in pho are rice noodles, herbs, strips of beef or chicken meat, and broth. The dish is widely available in stalls and restaurants found in almost every street in the country. Not only is it a very popular … Read more

Guide to Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Gỏi cuốn, commonly known as Vietnamese fresh spring roll, is a famous dish in southern Vietnam. They are considered as appetizers for much heavier dishes like the pho or the La Vong fried fish. Vietnamese springs rolls usually consist of cooked prawns, thin rice noodles called bún, and different kinds of vegetables … Read more