How Do I Merge Documents in PDF?

Document management is a long-term task for law departments, especially for companies that have to process a variety of documents. When receiving a pile of documents and digital files from other attorneys, organizing and sorting the material can take a huge amount of time. Furthermore, different materials can be mixed together.

Poor scanning practices and efforts to make important information flow can mean that you have dozens of PDF files and only a few pages from the associated documents. During the organizational process, the best solution is to combine these files into one PDF file that you can store in the archive and then later on search for it by the relevant index.

Merging PDF files is often performed as an initial step in the workflow. It enables you to organize documents into one compact PDF that can easily be shared, archived, or sent for review. In addition, this merging of PDF files includes an amazing set of page management tools for rearranging or deleting.

When and Why Users Combine PDF Files

If you have PDF reading software, this format often seems limited and difficult to use. However, once you have access to a reliable tool, everyday tasks, including combining documents, are performed very easily. Imagine improving your workflow with the following tools:

  • Quick conversion of pdf to word documents or creating a folder with similar materials for review.
  • Consolidation of internal records, grouping all the files for a particular case together into one simple file.
  • Prepare reports using diagrams, excerpts, and other data from various documents related to the information you need to share; the possibility to edit a pdf online.

Easily Merge Files with Pandadoc

With a simple “combine files” feature, Pandadoc enables users to select all the documents they want to merge. Within seconds you have a brand new combined file. And there is no need to spend long hours copying the information into a new file manually.  Furthermore, originals will not be lost.

Do you still wonder how to compress a pdf? Take advantage of Pandadoc software and the features offered by it. It takes no time to find the solution you need.

The software also has such an essential feature as a pdf splitter.

Here is a step-by-step guide to combining PDF files.

  • Open the documents in the Home tab.
  • Select the page assembly option, then open the different PDF files that you want to merge.
  • Select individual pages from each PDF you want to add.
  • Re-arrange the document into your preferred order.
  • Close the page builder and document builder. You have successfully merged data from several PDFs into your existing file.

Try the 15-day free trial of the Pandadoc pdf software editor to experience this functionality firsthand.

Merge PDF Documents at the Right Price

Navigating the challenges of discovering and implementing better document management should not cost your company the equivalent of many billable hours over the years. Instead, choose to adopt software that fits your organization’s needs and budget. Pandadoc, rather than requiring an ongoing annual or monthly payment, can become part of your company workflow for a simple one-time fee per user with licensing options.

If you work with documents, you already know the importance of third-party PDF software to merge your files. What’s great, however, is that most PDF software options have robust features that go beyond that. While free options are perfect for basic PDF merging needs, premium options let you do so much more. There are dozens of other apps through which you could try to write on pdf online. However, Pandadoc software settings offer excellent value for features and support.