A Guide To Pairing Wines With Korean Dishes

People nowadays would love to explore different types of food. We wanted to somehow get away with the usual food we ate and wanted to go bolder. We explore different places and dining areas where we can taste exquisite foods. We look for something unique and can ultimately satisfy our palate.

Korean foods are one of the trendiest dishes that has retained its culture since then. Korean cuisine is exceptionally known for using primarily based foods like meat, rice, and vegetables. The traditional foods of Korea are popularly known to develop and preserve side dishes. The most common one is “banchan” which comes in steamed-cooked rice.

Another type of popular Korean food in Kimchi. It is usually served in any meal and functions as a side dish. Kimchi has never grown out of style. It is originally made from several ingredients like fermented red chili paste, fermented bean paste, garlic, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, napa cabbage, and pepper flakes.

Korean cuisine is full of delicious foods that are mostly spicy. It is also crucial that these Korean food are best paired with the type of wines like other famous dishes you have tasted. The wine makes a great food taste balance. Here are some of the typical Korean dishes and the best bottle of wine they should pair.

Raw Fish Dishes To Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon Blanc

Raw fish may not merely come as a Korean main dish, but it’s always part of the Korean menu. The fresh Korean fish dish comes best when it is paired with citrusy, crisp, light Sokolin sparkling wines. These wines popularly come in the label of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. These wine blend well with raw fish’s side dish like gochujang, wasabi, and soy.

Grilled Shellfish To Chardonnay

Grilled seafood such as shellfish is highly in demand when it comes to Korean cuisine. They usually cook it freshly to remain the juicy taste of the food. These types of Korean food are best paired with Chardonnay wines. The mineral, oak, and tropical fruit taste of Chardonnay blend well with shellfish dishes such as scallops, mussels, and clams.

Grilled Duck To Pinot Noir

Grilled Duck is new to Korean cuisine. It is inspired by the duck dishes often serve in Europe, which is precisely in France. It is a type of Korean cuisine you can mainly see in Korean restaurants. It is a dish that can serve best with red wine labels such as Pinot Noir.

Roasted Pork With Kimchi To Chianti

It’s one of the most famous food dishes you found in Korean cuisine. It is also popular in some of Korea’s neighboring countries like China, Japan, and the Philippines. It is a type of dish that best fits with Chianti wine labels. The spicy taste of Kimchi blends well with the sweet taste of this Sangiovese made wine.

Pork Ribs To Rhone Blends

It’s a usual Korean food cuisine served in any restaurants. A marinated grilled pork rib comes entirely with Rhone wine blends. Some of these blends are Grenache, which comes in a smooth red flavor. The Syrah wine labels are also perfect, which comes in full-bodied flavor that balances the salty flavor inside your palate.

Braised Beef Ribs To Tempranillo

It is one of those Korean dishes that also comes in demand in food restaurants. You can pair this dish perfectly with a bottle of Tempranillo wines. The spicy, cherry, and tobacco flavor of this wine best fits with the beet meat.

Pork Belly To Australian Shiraz Wines

Pork belly dishes are usually grilled called Samgyeopsal dishes. They can also come with Kimchi as a side dish to exude the real taste of the pork. When you get the chance to eat this type of recipe, you should pair it with Australian Shiraz wines. The tannin content of this wine blends well with the taste of the pork, offering a sturdy, flavorful, and ripe flavors.

Korean Beef To Malbec Blends

Korean beef dishes are popularly known as Galbi. These are dishes cooked in a metal plate. Korean beef comes thicker compared to Bulgogi. You can also get this dish either fully seasoned or not. It is best paired with Malbec wines that show off a menthol, anise, and fresh blackberry flavor. They blend well inside your palate and digest well the beef in your tummy.

Marinated Beef To Zinfandel

Marinated beef mostly comes in Bulgogi dishes. They are made from different fresh combinations of onions and other spices. It is another type of popular dish that is primarily ordered in Korean restaurants. You may pair it with Zinfandel wines that show off a perfect and intense blackberry flavor. The Bulgogi dish blends well with this type of wine and does not overwhelm your palate.

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