Healthy Choices in Korean Cooking

The culture of every country is not just different from the other in many ways, but it also reflects the food traditions of a respective nation. Here we are going to talk about Korean food that is originated from Korea and became quite popular globally for all the right reasons. 

About Korean Food

Korean food depicts authenticity and simplicity of Korea. This Cuisine mainly revolves around vegetable, meat and rice. Also, grains are added in a lot of dishes. Korean food is famous for its exquisite taste and several health benefits. It is rich, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy and sour; hence, the cuisine offers a variety of dishes that has something for everyone. 

Apart from the flavour, science has also revealed that the main ingredient added in Korean cooking can be extremely beneficial for a human body and can reduce the signs for obesity. Traditionally, the food mostly includes greens in the form of vegetables that help in reducing excess body fat and also aids in decreasing high cholesterol levels. Because of less oil usage and more healthy ingredients, Korean cuisine is said to improve digestion by accelerating metabolism and detoxing body. As a result, you get a healthy glowing skin as a bonus!

Is Korean Cuisine a Healthy Option?

  • High nutrition value – Korean Cuisine is known for using a lot of green vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, including radish, spinach, green onions, beans, bell peppers, cabbage, sprouts, and the list goes on. All these highly nutritious ingredients are used to make some delicious and wholesome meals. As a result, the food helps in maintaining a healthy body weight and in preventing heart-related issues.
  • Improved digestion – Korean food has high fibre in it which not only improves digestions but also promotes an overall healthy digestive system. For instance, kimchi is a fermented food which contains good bacteria in it known as probiotic and it aids in breaking lactose and improves digestion. Besides, the dishes are quite light on the stomach and are easy to digest.  
  • Helps in Weight Reduction – Korean food contains very less amount of oil and fat, and mostly dishes are served with vegetables and soups which are low in calories but quite filling. Hence, you can eat delicious food without any guilt of gaining extra lbs. 
  • Reduces Cholesterol Level – Red meat is not much included in the recipes as it has high level of saturated fats which can lead to high cholesterol in the body. In fact, Korean food is considered beneficial in curing high cholesterol. 
  • Ensures Organs’ Performances – Do you know Korean food works great for cardiovascular health problems? It is true! The Cuisine is also highly recommended to those who are diagnosed with cancer because it helps in decreasing the symptoms to some extent. Also, the food regulates the health of liver and kidney.
  • Korean cooking techniques – Not only ingredients, but the technologies and techniques used for making Korean dishes are also healthy. Some examples are grilling, fermenting, stir-frying, stewing, etc. The key is to prepare the ingredients in their own juices rather deep frying or overcooking so that the food doesn’t lose its nutritious value, original aroma and flavour. 

Other benefits of Korean food

  • It reduces the risks of hypertension and neurological illness, such as dementia and strokes.
  • The anti-carcinogenic quality of vegetables not only lower the chances of cancer but also fight with the cancerous cells if they are already present in the body.
  • It strengthens and improves performances of main organs, including heart, liver and kidney.
  • It strengthens bones because of the presence of isoflavones in some ingredients, like mushrooms and beans.
  • The Cuisine is based on organic ingredients with less amount of preservatives hence it leaves your skin glowing by flushing out all the toxins from the body. 

Best Korean Dishes To Try Out

Whether you intend to lose weight or want to opt for balanced eating habits, the healthy Korean cuisine is just for you! Fret not. Despite the nutritious point; the taste of the dishes is not compromised at all. You can eat healthily and still enjoy every bite of your meal. Besides, they are extremely easy to make and equally easy to digest. Here are a few recipes you can try out yourself!

1. Bulgogi

Bulgogi consists of marinated BBQ. It is basically a grilled dish that can be made either from pork (dwaeji) or chicken (dak). Bulgogi is grilled on an open flame and no fatty oil is utilized in its making as it is prepared in its own juice. Hence, this dish is completely healthy having 310 calories per serving. 

2. Haemul Pajeon

Haemul Pajeon is a type of pancake which is prepared with rice and eggs. Seafood like squid, shrimp, fish and oysters are also used in its making. You can try it for your breakfast or brunch. It is packed with proteins and all the good nutrition.

3. Kimbap

Kimbap is quite a popular Korean recipe and it is quite similar to Japanese sushi. In this dish, rice, spinach, meat and stir-fried vegetables are covered in a seaweed roll. If you are a sushi lover, then you will definitely love Kimbap. 

4. Jeyuk bokkeum

This dish consists of sizzling pork served with Chinese cabbage, rice, lettuce leaves, perilla and other leafy vegetables. Slices of chilli peppers and raw garlic are used to further enhance its taste and flavour. Jeyuk bokkeum has only 221 calories per serving. 

5. Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a scrumptious combination of beef, rice, eggs, vegetables and chilli paste along with soy sauce and sesame seeds. It is ideal for dinner parties or a formal gathering, easy to make and delicious!

Benefits of Preparing Healthy Korean Dishes in Your Kitchen

Preparing a Korean dish at home can definitely be a great idea because you can take care of the hygiene throughout the cooking procedure. Whereas in restaurants, hygiene is always questionable. Also, the crockery used for serving is not guaranteed clean. Secondly, when you are the cook, you can add less oil than instructed and add in more vegetables of your choice to make it more healthy and yummy. You also get the chance to choose a desirable cooking technique. For instance, when the recipe says stir fry the chicken but you like the BBQ flavour more and choose to grill it. This way, you can customise any dish according to your taste, liking and preferences. Similarly, you can skip any ingredient you might be allergic to or just dislike it.


Korean diet is meant to improve overall health. It aids in Weight loss, prevents several diseases, improves organs’ performances, helps with cancer, improves skin conditions and more. Incorporating Korean diet into your routine can definitely be a great choice. It is healthy, delicious and nutritious. The best thing is that; you get a lot of good vitamins and minerals from the ingredients used in the dishes, mainly vegetables, chicken, meat and pork. The main course is accompanied by soup and vegetables, so you can eat to your fill without putting on extra body fat. Korean food not only helps in weight reduction but it is also great for weight maintenance, high cholesterol and cardiovascular issues of the body.

All in all this cuisine has everything good to offer you. So, which Korean dish are you going to try out first?