Guide to Different Kinds of Tomatoe

Isn’t it nice to head out to the garden and pick some fresh fruits and vegetables? It doesn’t matter what’s the size of your garden, you can always grow one delicious food quickly, that’s the tomato. It’s easy growing tomatoes because once they start bearing fruits, there’s no stopping them. Soon, you’ll have more juicy and fragrant tomatoes than you know what to do with.

But even if they might look the same, tomatoes are not created equally. For example, you can use a Roma tomato in a salad, but cherry tomatoes is a much tastier option. And if you’re planning to make a fantastic salsa, then a flavorful beefsteak tomato is the right one to use.

These types of tomatoes can be quite confusing. That’s why we created this guide to help you determine the different types of tomatoes and the best ways to use them.

Grape Tomatoes

You can slice them horizontally or vertically because these tiny grape tomatoes are a perfect addition to almost any salads. Aside from that, you can also eat it on its own as a snack. For a tastier and savory treat, you can add some balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

The beefsteak tomato is considered to be one of the most popular types of tomato. They are big, super juicy, and it is said to be the most flavorful of all tomatoes. They typically come in red or pink colors. However, specific varieties of the beefsteak tomatoes produce yellow, purple, or black colors. This is the type of tomato that is typically used when making sauces or salsa. This is also an excellent burger substitute when you’re following a vegan diet. You just have to cut it in thick slices and put it on the grill for a minute or two.

Cherry Tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes often grow once the summer season begins. This type of tomato is perfect for snacking and adding to salads. But take note that they are versatile and you can always experiment on them by adding it to pretty much any pasta recipe that needs tomatoes. If you have small and round cherry tomatoes at home, they are also a great addition to kebabs, too.

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are the ones that are often used for making the perfect tomato sauce. Even if they taste a little bland off the vine, they are still perfect for adding to different tasty pasta dishes. However, they are not the best tomatoes for sandwiches.

Heirloom Tomatoes

The term heirloom refers to how the tomatoes are bred. Compared to other tomatoes that came from cross-bred tomato strains, the heirloom tomatoes have a single genetic line. In layman’s terms, they are purebred tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes are known for their exquisite taste and texture. They come in different colors, such as deep purple and orange. But take note that because they have a single strain genetic line, heirloom tomatoes tend to have a shorter shelf life. They are also less resistance to disease compared to hybrid tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes are often enjoyed roasted, grilled, or eaten raw.

Green Tomatoes

Other tomato types such as the heirloom green zebra produce green fruit. But, green tomatoes are also often described as unripe red tomatoes. Which is why they are often purposefully harvested early to be used for breading, pickling, or frying.

Campari Tomatoes or Tomatoes on the Vine

Campari tomatoes have a size that’s between a cherry and grape tomato. They are hybrid tomatoes that are low in acidity, has a deep red hue, extra sweet flavor, and a juicy texture. If you want to make a bowl of fabulous tomato soup, then this is your ultimate go-to tomato. They will give the best flavor and juiciness to your soup.

White and Yellow Tomatoes

Whenever we hear the word tomato, we always think about those deep red ones. But the yellow and white tomatoes also mixes perfectly with any recipe that needs a milder flavor. They might look a little weird to add to your food, but once you mix them up along with red tomatoes, you will discover that they can add vibrant colors to your dish.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

The Cherokee purple tomato is another heirloom beefsteak variety. This type of tomato has a very distinctive look all because of their clear skin and dark flesh. The Cherokee purple tomatoes tend to have a dense and juicy texture, and they are best consumed raw and fresh. They are also heartier compared to red, yellow, and green tomatoes.