Guide to Different Types of Broccoli

Probably most of us used to throw tantrums when it comes to eating out vegetables when we were young. However, as we grow older, we realized how wrong we were. We realized that these vegetables are quite delicious, and there’s nothing really wrong with eating them. This goes out to all people who despised broccoli so much before but now found out that they are yummy and beneficial.

In this article, we are going to get to know more about the different types of broccoli. So that you can enjoy all the types of this vegetable and figure out which one you like the most.

Types of Broccoli

  • Arcadia Broccoli – This type of broccoli usually takes about two months to mature and be ready for consumption. The Arcadia broccoli has a purplish-green color along with small and uniform heads. If you want to plant broccoli during the winter season, then this type is the right one for you because they are resistant to cold weather. 
  • Calabrese Broccoli – If you want to plant broccoli during fall, then the Calabrese broccoli is a perfect choice. This type of broccoli gets sweeter as the weather cools. Take note that it will take about 65 days for this broccoli to fully mature. The Calabrese broccoli has deep green and juicy heads. 
  • Amadeus Broccoli –This type of broccoli takes about two months to develop and mature. The Amadeus broccoli has tighter heads compared to other types of broccoli. Plus, it also has slightly smaller beads. This broccoli has a blue-green color, and it has a delicious taste.
  • De Cicco – This type of broccoli has a smaller head, and it can develop and mature in less than 50 days. If you have a home garden, this type of broccoli is perfect for it. 
  • Blue Wind – If you don’t have that much patience to wait for the broccoli to develop and mature, then this is the right one for you because the Blue Wind broccoli is an early bloomer. You just have to wait less than 60 days for it to be consumable. This type of broccoli has a blue-green color along with tight and large heads. 
  • Gypsy Broccoli – This is one of the most popular types of broccoli because it can grow almost all soil types, even if the soil is not perfect. The Gypsy broccoli has small to medium size heads, and they are well-domed. They have crunchy green heads, and it handles heat very well. 
  • Diplomat Broccoli – This type of broccoli is resistant to several mildew types. The diplomat broccoli has a dark green color along with uniformed heads, and they are perfect for planting in places that have cold climates. This broccoli takes about two months to develop and mature, and it can grow up to six inches long. 
  • Belstar Broccoli – This type of broccoli has a blue-green shade along with a yummy and crunchy taste. It has tightly packed heats, and it takes over two months to grow. 
  • Fiesta Broccoli – The Fiesta broccoli has thick stems and heads. This takes about 70 days to develop and mature, and it does not produce a lot of side shoots. If you want to plant this type of broccoli, we suggest that you do it during late summer.
  • Marathon Broccoli – This is the perfect broccoli to plant if you live in the Pacific Northwest or Northern California. The Marathon broccoli takes about two months to develop and mature. We suggest that you plant this during the fall season.
  • Express Broccoli –  This type of broccoli is perfect for planting during the mid-season, and it takes about 75 days to mature. The express broccoli can grow up to seven inches, and it is known for producing several side shoots. 
  • Happy Rich Broccoli – This type of broccoli will live up to its name because you will definitely be satisfied when you eat it. This is a hybrid plant, and it is known to produce in significant amounts. The Happy Rich broccoli takes about 55 days to develop and mature. 
  • Broccolini – This type of broccoli is the side shots that you can eat like sprouting broccoli, and you can cook them just like broccoli, too. The broccolini is produced after the heads of the broccoli are harvested. 
  • Romanesco Broccoli – The Romanesco broccoli looks like a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli plant. This is Italian heirloom broccoli that takes about 75 days to develop and mature. It has a delicate flavor the compliments its beautiful appearance, which makes this broccoli irresistible.