Guide to Different Types of Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the favorite crops of several gardeners. We can’t blame them because having freshly-picked and homegrown strawberry in your backyard is still the best compared to the strawberries that are bought in the supermarket. These red, juicy, and sweet fruits might look the same, but did you know that there are actually several types and varieties of strawberries that exist? That is why in this article, we are going to talk about them so that you will know what you’re planting, or buying, next time.

Types of Strawberries 

There are three types of strawberries, and these are:

  • Ever-bearing Strawberries –  This type of strawberry produces the first crop in spring and another one during summer or fall. If they are grown under ideal conditions, it is possible that they can produce three crops in a year. Every plant of the ever-bearing strawberries can produce medium-sized strawberries, and you can expect the higher-yield harvest during early fall or late summer. Ever-bearing strawberries can develop fewer runners compared to June-bearing strawberries.
  • June-Bearing Strawberries – This type of strawberry produce one crop in the growing season for a period of two to three weeks. This strawberry type can be quite productive, and it can produce large-sized strawberries. The variety of strawberries that are under this type are classified into Mid-season, Early Season, and Late season. If you plant different variations of this strawberry, then you are guaranteed to have a supply of strawberries for an extended period of time.
  • Day Neutral Strawberries – This type of strawberry are not affected by day length, it can continuously produce fruits anytime just as long as they are planted in temperatures between 35 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Their most productive time is during late spring until the first frost. Most day-neutral strawberry varieties do not produce any runners. Plus, this is the perfect type of strawberry to plant if you have a small space.

Varieties of Strawberry

  • All-Star Strawberries – This strawberry variety is ideally grown in countries located in the East and Midwest. The Allstar strawberry is a midseason crop, and they can give you some of the most abundant strawberries ever. They have a glossy and firm texture and look along with a sweet and juicy taste. This variety is highly resistant to red steel and verticillium wilt.
  • Chandler Strawberry – This strawberry variety is an early season but heavily cropping type. It can give you some of the most abundant strawberries that have a firm and glossy texture along with a long or wedged-shape appearance. They produce a unique flavor, and they are best to eat fresh, but they also freeze very well.
  • Earliglow Strawberry – This strawberry variety is an early-season crop that produces firm, glossy, and medium-sized strawberries that has a deep red color with a sweet flavor. The Earliglow strawberry is resistant to red steel and Verticillium wilt.
  • Fort Laramie Strawberry – This strawberry variety bears its first fruit during spring. It bears another one in the late summer or early fall. The Fort Laramie strawberry has five-petaled white flowers that have yellow centers, which gives way to a bright-red, firm, and juicy strawberries that have an exceptional smell. They are perfect for eating fresh and processing, as well.
  • Jewel Strawberry – The jewel strawberry is a late midseason crop that produces bright and large strawberries that has excellent flavor and quality. Like the Fort Lamie strawberry, this variety also has five-petaled white flowers that are adorned with yellow centers.
  • Ozark Beauty Strawberry – This strawberry variety produces its first crop during spring and its next one during late summer or early fall. They have large and luscious red berries that have a sweet and one-of-a-kind flavor.
  • Seascape Strawberry – This strawberry variety grows well in different kinds of climate. Their growth is not affected by day length, and this allows them to continue fruiting starting from late spring until the first frost. The seascape strawberry has a large, firm, and symmetrically shaped fruit that has a vibrant red color and a superior flavor.

Sparkle Strawberry – This strawberry variety is a late-season crop that produces medium-sized but sweet strawberries that has a bright red color and a flavorful taste. They are ideally grown in northern climates. The sparkle strawberry is a very vigorous plant, and they have an excellent resistance when it comes to diseases.