Guide to Types of Apples

What’s a better way to enjoy a dreary winter day than eating fresh-from-the-oven apple crisp or a bowl of homemade applesauce? The possibilities are endless when it comes to apple-themed dishes that you can try and make. However, with all of those varieties that are available in the market today, knowing which one to use for which purpose can be quite tricky. What kind of apple is right for baking, making applesauce, or apple crisps? That’s why in this article, we listed down the several types of apples and their uses.

Golden Delicious

This type of apple is sweet and soft, which makes them a perfect choice if you are making applesauce. The golden delicious is not as firm compared to other varieties, and they cook down quickly. But you can still use this apple for the occasional apple cider, apple pie, and other uses. The golden delicious has a bright yellow color and a circular shape, just like the red delicious variety.


This type of apple is considered to be more than two hundred years old. That’s why if you like to enjoy the tradition of a perennial favorite, then McIntosh is the right one for you. This type of apple is very soft, and they tend to cook quickly. That’s why they are an excellent choice for making applesauce. However, be careful about using them in pies because they tend to have a slight tarty flavor that some may describe as “spicy.”

Fuji Apple

This type of apple is sweet and crispy. They are known for their bold flavor that you get to taste in each bite. This type of apple is considered to be a versatile apple because you can use it for different kinds of dishes that involve the apple, and it is excellent to be eaten on its own, too.

Rome Apple 

Some expert bakers say that the flavor of the Rome apple is not fully exposed until the fruit is cooked. Along with this, the Rome apple has a crisp and dense flesh that really holds up well, especially when you’re baking. That’s why this type of apple is perfect for a delicious apple pie.

Granny Smith 

Some of us are probably aware that the Granny Smith apples are often too tart for fresh snacking. But it’s okay because this type of apple is your perfect go-to option if you are going for an apple dish that involves slow cooking. Besides, you can always try to cover up its tartines by using some clever cooking tricks. Plus, the Granny Smith apple’s tartness can be your advantage when it comes to savory dishes.

Braeburn Apple

This type of apple is very versatile. The New Zealand-native Braeburn apple is perfect if you want to make an excellent apple pie. It is also suitable for making apple cider, general baking, and as well as raw snacking. This type of apple has a sweet and tarty flavor combination.


Jonagold apple is a cross between the Jonathan apple and a golden delicious apple. This type of apple is considered to be one of the most versatile apples in the market. You can use it in your crisp, eat it as a snack, and use it in your pies.

Red Delicious

The red delicious apple is a must-have apple variety in your snacking drawer or fruit bowl. This is one of the most popular types of apples. It has a deep and solid red color skin and a sweet and crispy textured flesh inside. The red delicious is perfect for eating raw.

Gala Apple

This type of apple might be small, but it is definitely packed with a lot of flavors. This is another New Zealand import, and it has gain popularity all over the world as a perfect snaking apple because they are tasty and sweet. However, this type of apple is not always suitable for cooking and baking compared to other kinds of apple. Still, it is the most suitable apple for salads and raw eating.

Cripps Pink or Pink Lady Apple

If you want to be a little adventurous, then we suggest that you try snacking on this type of apple because it has a sweet taste, but at the same time, it gives you a hint of delicious sour tang. The Cripps pink or pink lady apple gives you a fun blend of apple flavors along with a firm texture. You can use them in your salads, too.


In case you haven’t noticed, apples as a whole are a very versatile fruit and they Honeycrisp type is no exception. It makes perfect applesauce, and it is very good for fresh snacking also. This is because it has a juicy and delightful flavor that really does taste like honey.