Korean Fusion

Korean Fusion cuisine has a long history that dates back to the beginning of Korean culture. Interactions between different peoples and cultures has always led to new ways to prepare foods, new ingredients to use, new methods of preparation, and new utensils, cooking vessels, and equipment. The original Korean peoples were hunter/gatherers … Read more

Three Day Beef Stock (Deep Beef Stock)

A very flavorful stock which can used for a variety of soups, braises, stir fries, or sauces. Servings: 16 Yield: 1 gallon Ingredients First day 5 pounds beef soup bones (2 to 3 inch cut) 2 gallons water, (more water as needed – see below) 3 each garlic cluster, peeled 1 each … Read more

Myeolchi Gukmul

Korean Anchovy Broth 멸치 국물 This fish-based broth is the traditional base for Korean soups and stews. Although meat broth has become more popular in recent years, this anchovy soup stock is still a staple in Korean cooking. It doesn’t have a strong fish odor, but adds a deep and savory element … Read more

Haemulguk (mul) Fragrant Seafood Stock

해물국물 This stock can be used as a base for any mixed seafood soup, stew, or braised dish. Make ahead and freeze for future use. Servings: 6 Yield: 6 cups Ingredients 6 cups water 1 dozen fresh mussels 5 to 12 shrimp shells (more or less depending on size) 1/2 oz dried … Read more

CheongGukJang Jjigae

청국장 This is a “stinky” soy bean paste stew using “Quick fermented soybean Paste”. Similar to Doenjangjjigae, this is a hearty stew which may have some good health benefits associated with traditionally fermented foods. Ingredients 2 cups dasima broth (kelp and anchovy broth) 2 red potatoes 1/2 small onion 6 oz tofu … Read more