Top Must Try Korean Foods

Picture of stir fried pork with korean sauce and korean cuisine in the background

Korean cuisines embody a harmony of colorful flavors and nutrition. It represents the Korean culture that welcomes daring fusions for delicious food. From the fiery fermented Kimchi to the creamy Samgyetang and the stir-fried Japchae: there are several Korean foods to try. Let us have a look at the top must-try Korean … Read more

Guide to Banh Tieu

doughnuts in a plate, tongs, doughnuts in a jar

Bánh tiêu, or Vietnamese hollow doughnut, is airy and light with a hollow interior, hence the name. These donuts aren’t overly sweet like the traditional western one and are usually coated with sesame seeds. Most first-generation kids from Vietnam would probably remember the bánh tiêu as a weekend treat, exclusively sold at … Read more

Guide to Chè Ba Mau

broken coconut

Chè ba màu is a Vietnamese dessert made with a combination of ice slush, bouncy jelly, soft beans, and topped with a layer of rich coconut sauce. Chè ba màu translates to “three-color dessert” in Vietnamese and is similar to chè Thái. It also shares some similarities with Filipino halo-halo. While this … Read more

Guide to Xi Ma

town of Hoi An, boats, trees, yellow houses, people

Black sesame sweet soup, or xi ma, is a popular Vietnamese dessert in Hoi An. It first came from the Fujian Province of China and is typically made with black sesame seeds, rice flour, sugar, coconut, and a Chinese herbal medicine called pennywort. Xi ma is usually served in small portions and … Read more

Guide to Bánh Dau Xanh/Mung Bean Pastry

mung beans, shovel

Bánh dau xanh or mung bean pastry is considered a representative of Vietnam‘s flavor. With its rustic and simple ingredients, the dessert shows the ingenuity and delicacy of industrious Vietnamese workers.  Hai Duong city, located within the Hanoi-Hai Phong-Quang Ninh tourist triangle, is home to the bánh dau xanh. When traveling to … Read more

Guide to Chè Bà Ba

cassava crops

Chè bà ba is a Vietnamese sweet soup dessert typically made with a coconut soup base and square bits of cassava, taro, and khoai lang bí (a type of long sweet potato with yellow flesh and red skin). You can eat this dish hot, but you can also eat this cold with … Read more

Guide to Chè Bắp

corn, corn on the cobs

Chè Bắp or Sweet Corn Pudding is a delicious Vietnamese sweet soup elevated by the crispness and juiciness of corn. It can usually be eaten either hot or cold and served with a creamy coconut sauce. This dessert is dairy-free, naturally vegan, and gluten-free. Vietnamese people also use corn in their desserts … Read more

Guide to Vietnamese Desserts

hanging bananas, oranges, fruit stall

Vietnamese desserts might not have the same reputation as Vietnamese cuisine, but they also deserve their own spotlight. The typical traditional desserts in Vietnam have ingredients like coconut, glutinous rice, fruit jellies, coconut, and bean puddings. Vietnamese desserts can be in the form of doughy rolls, sweet soups, iced treats, cakes, and … Read more

Guide to Watercress

watercress, chives, and butter on top of the bread

Watercress is a vegetable that’s native to Eurasia. This aquatic leafy vegetable grows in the shallow water of streams and is a Brassicaceae (mustard) family member. Ancient Romans used to dress raw watercress with cumin, garum (fermented fish sauce, and pepper, proving that the vegetable is one of the oldest salad greens. It’s also … Read more

Learn About Traditional Vietnamese Breakfast Food Items

Vietnam street food, Vietnamese man cooking, Street food market

Breakfast is known explicitly as “the most important meal of the day”. It refills your glucose supply to help you feel more energized and alert and provide other necessary nutrients for optimum health. In Vietnam, breakfast is partially a representation of Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine is recognized as one of the world’s … Read more

Guide to Bungeo-ppang

a box of taiyaki with red bean paste filling

If you’ve been to South Korea, chances are, you already know bungeo-ppang. This Korean fish-shaped bun is typically filled with sweetened red bean paste and is popular during winter, sold by the street merchants in Seoul. As opposed to its name, which means “crucian carp bread,” bungeo-pang doesn’t contain fish. And despite … Read more

Guide to Melona

ice pop in different flavors

Melona is a popular ice pop in South Korea manufactured by Korean-based company Binggrae Co. Ltd. Although the dessert is called “Melona” and is famous for its melon flavor, the ice pop also comes in various other fruit flavors, like coconut and cantaloupe. As of 2009, each bar of the 80 ml/2.7 … Read more