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Wrapped Kimchi

보쌈김치 – Bossam-kimchi A kimchi made of quartered cabbages with kimchi seasonings spread between the layers of leaves and wrapped separately in a large cabbage leaf. The fist-sized bundles are put into jars and left to season together. Source Source:… Read more >

Wind rice cake

바람떡 Alternate Spellings; Baramddeok, ba ram ddeok, balam tteok Rice cake made with white rice flour, filled with red bean and folded into a half-moon shape. Also called gaepitteok (half moon rice cake) because of the shape.

White Radish

무 – Mu – Daikon Radish An important ingredient in kimchi, certain namul dishes, and salads, white radish is also braised and used in soups. There are several varieties of Korean white radish that range from small “ponytail” to the… Read more >