Privacy Policy does not collect any personally identifying information from any internet user without permission. Some information about computer type, operating system, browser type, and installed plugins is automaticaly recorded by the server for statistical purposes.

E-mail addresses supplied by users in comments or contact with hannaone are used ONLY to provide confirmation of comment posting/submission, or to answer questions presented by users. We do not maintain any type of mail list, nor do we provide, sell, transfer, or otherwise make any email address available to any other person, agency, or entity.

Third party agencies (advertisers, affiliate program owners, statistic gatherers, etc) may collect information from users who follow web links from Information collected by third party agencies may include personally identifying data, credit card information, employment status, marital status, financial obligations, earnings, social security numbers, web browsing history, shopping trends, etc ( does not share in this information). Refer to the privacy policy of any third party agency for their use and sharing of collected information.

If you contact any web server, you will transmit your IP and some demographic information. We do not use this information for any other purposes than having a look at basic, anonymous statistics.

Internet Tracking Opt Out:

Reputable tracking entities who subscribe to the idea that people have a right to choice have provided some options to opt out of online targeted (behavioral/interest based) advertizing based on internet behavior.
Quantcast Opt Out
Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out tool.