While you can use most standard pots and pans with good results, there are a few items that make it easier to cook Korean meals.

Rice Cooker

While not required, a good automatic rice cooker can save you a lot of time and effort. We currently use a Chuchen Classic IH Pressure Rice Cooker and have been very pleased with it. It is a multi function cooker with settings for different types of rice or barley, can be used as a pressure steamer, or a slow cooker.  You can also find more on the best rice cookers.

Stock Pots

Making broth, stocks, and chicken soup. These pots are available nearly anywhere.

Flat Bottom Wok/Stir-fry Pans

1 small to medium and 1 medium to large. The flat bottomed versions give greater stability and a larger heated surface on western style stoves than woks intended for the insanely high heats of the Chinese “Flaming Wok” technique. Non-stick pans are available in most kitchenware departments.

Set of bamboo or wooden utensils

These are generally safer for use with non-stick pots and pans, and are great for “tossing” a stir fry.

Stone Bowls

Stone Bowls are used for hot pots, soups, and rice dishes like DolSot Bibimbap. These bowls double as both cooking and serving vessel. Many have lids, and a trivet is almost essential to keep counter and table tops safe from the heat of the stone bowl.

Portable gas stove and grill plate

Great for “At the table” grilling of meats and vegetables for Ssam style or Korean Grill dining. We have used this combination for years both in the house and on picnics or road trips.