Dakjjim – Braised Chicken and Vegetables

닭찜 Degree of Difficulty Degree of Difficulty: Easy Servings: 6 Ingredients 3 tablespoons neutral oil 2 pounds whole chicken (substitute boneless chicken thigh) 1/2 pound red potatoes 1 medium carrot 1 small white or yellow onion 1 medium zucchini (substitute summer squash) 6 shiitake mushrooms Optional 6 chestnuts, halved 12 ginkgo nuts … Read more

Korean Grilled Chicken

닭구이 (Dak Gui ) Dakgui is not as well known as bulgogi or Kalbi, but it is one of my favorite dishes. The flavors are similar to teriyaki, but more complex. This can be done with any meaty part of the chicken, but I prefer thigh meat as it has better flavor … Read more

Korean Sesame Chicken Wings

참깨 닭날개 Great as a snack on game days or any time, this recipe uses the Korean “Twice Cooked” method for delicious Korean Fried Chicken. Ingredients 1 pound Sectioned chicken wings (substitute sliced, cubed, or rough chopped chicken thigh or breast) 1/3 cup potato or corn starch 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon … Read more