Acorn – Dotori

도토리 Harvested acorns must be properly leached of tannins prior to consumption. Harvested acorns are opened and the nuts inside ground into a fine paste. The paste is then stirred into vats of water then sieved to separate the fiber from the starch. The resulting flour or starch is then used to … Read more

Glossary Index

This is a glossary of Korean foods and food terms. There are quite a few entries here, but this is still far from a complete listing. Glossary Index Acorn – Dotori Acorn Cake – Dotoritteok Acorn Starch Jelly – Dotorimuk Adzuki 팥 (pat) Agwi 아귀/아구 Monkfish/Angler Fish Agwijjim Altang Anchovy Sauce – … Read more