Can You Go Skiing In South Korea?

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South Korea is a country with numerous relatively low-level mountain ranges succeeding one another over its landmass, sandwiched between China across the sea to the west, Japan to the east, and North Korea, the only country to which it is connected over land. The country’s three main ranges are the Taebaek, Sobaek, … Read more

Guide to Traditional Korean Homes Styles

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The charming, environmentally friendly traditional Korean house, also known as Hanok (한옥 in the local language), is unique, simple, and harmonious but full of style. These houses were built in the 14th century, during the Joseon Dynasty. The typical architectures of South Korea have managed, albeit with some difficulty, to endure the … Read more

Guide to Traditional Korean Fashion

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When we talk about traditional fashion in Korea, it refers to the Hanbok. It is the traditional men’s and women’s clothing that can be traced back to the third century. It has a history that is as colorful as the garments themselves. Hanbok has been worn by Koreans daily until about a … Read more

What Sports are Popular in South Korea?

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Different sports are being played in different countries. In fact, each country can possibly have their own local or traditional sports that have become popular in many parts of the world. One of the most popular countries in Asia, where people love sports, is South Korea. They have lots of traditional or … Read more

Korean Alphabet Day

Korean Alphabet Day

The Korean Alphabet Day is a celebration about the creation and proclamation of the Korean alphabet. It’s a national commemorative day in Korea, commemorating the invention and the proclamation of the alphabet for the Korean language by the 15th-century Korean monarch Sejong the Great. Korean Alphabet Day is celebrated in South Korea … Read more