Guide to Different Types of Lettuce

  Also called as salad greens, lettuce is often consumed raw and as a bed for other salad fixings. Whether you’re consuming them cooked or raw, different kinds of lettuce can add texture and flavor to any food. However, if you plan on cooking them, make sure that you will only do … Read more

Lettuce, red leaf, raw

Common Name: Red leaf lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, sangchu 상추 Recipes Using This Ingredient Meal – Bulgogi Sangjju Ssam (bulgogi in loose leaf lettuce rolls) Meal – Samgyeopssal Gui (Meal) Recipes – BoSsam (Pork Belly with Kimchi) Recipes – Spicy Bulgogi Recipes – Kai Bi (Korean style beef short … Read more

Lettuce, looseleaf, raw

Common Name: Lettuce, sangchu 상추 Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipes – Bi Bim Guksu (Mixed Vegetable Noodles) Ban Chan – Sangchu Geotjeori (Baby Lettuce Salad 상추겉절이) Recipes – Bi Bim Naengmyon Fusion – Spicy Beef Salad

Weight Equivalents: Lettuce

Lettuce was first cultivated in Egypt where it was probably selectively bred to produce large edible leaves. It spread from Egypt into Greece and Italy, then throughout the Roman Empire. There are several types of lettuce, but the three most common are Leaf, Head, and Cos (Romaine). How much does lettuce weigh? … Read more