Guide to Different Kinds of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest gifts. They can go from beautiful to grotesque. In fact, they can also even be magical. You can easily buy magical mushrooms from to get the additional medical benefits. Mushrooms have the ability to add depth of flavor to our food. However, most of us purchase … Read more

Mushrooms, shiitake, dried

Common Name: Dried shiitake mushrooms, pyogobeoseot Packaged Shiitake Mushrooms 표고버섯 Shiitakes range in color from tan to dark brown with broad, umbrella-shaped caps, wide open veils and tan gills. Shiitake caps have a soft, spongy texture. When cooked, Shiitake mushrooms are rich and woodsy with a meaty texture. Dried Shiitakes can last … Read more

Mushrooms, raw

Common Name: Mushrooms, beoseot 버섯 White mushrooms vary in color from creamy white to light brown and in sizes from small (button) to jumbo. They are pleasingly mild and woodsy; their flavor intensifies when cooked. Freshly picked White mushrooms have closed veils (caps that fit closely to the stem) and delicate flavor; … Read more

Mushrooms, oyster, raw

Common Name: Oyster mushrooms 느타리버섯 Fluted and graceful, Oyster mushrooms range in color from soft brown to gray. They are best if cooked. Oyster mushrooms have a delicate, mild flavor and velvety texture. Oysters should remain fresh 5-7 days. Keep refrigerated in paper bags. Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipe – Chop Che … Read more