Mushrooms, enoki, raw

Common Name: Enoki mushrooms, paengee 팽이버섯 Fragile, flower-like with long, slender stems and tiny caps, Enoki mushrooms grow in small clusters. They have a mild, light flavor with a slight crunch. Enokis last for up to 14 days. Keep refrigerated in paper bags. Before using, trim roots at cluster base. Separate stems … Read more

Weight Equivalents: Mushrooms

Mushrooms grow in an amazing variety all around the world. Some are edible, many are poisonous. The common white mushroom is derived from a natural mutation discovered by a Pennsylvannia farmer in 1926. How much does a mushroom weigh? Common White/Crimini (brown-Italian) Mushroom Small 10g .4oz Mushroom Medium 18g .6oz Mushroom Large … Read more