Mushrooms, raw

Common Name: Mushrooms, beoseot 버섯 White mushrooms vary in color from creamy white to light brown and in sizes from small (button) to jumbo. They are pleasingly mild and woodsy; their flavor intensifies when cooked. Freshly picked White mushrooms have closed veils (caps that fit closely to the stem) and delicate flavor; … Read more

Mushrooms, oyster, raw

Common Name: Oyster mushrooms 느타리버섯 Fluted and graceful, Oyster mushrooms range in color from soft brown to gray. They are best if cooked. Oyster mushrooms have a delicate, mild flavor and velvety texture. Oysters should remain fresh 5-7 days. Keep refrigerated in paper bags. Recipes Using This Ingredient Recipe – Chop Che … Read more

Mushrooms, enoki, raw

Common Name: Enoki mushrooms, paengee 팽이버섯 Fragile, flower-like with long, slender stems and tiny caps, Enoki mushrooms grow in small clusters. They have a mild, light flavor with a slight crunch. Enokis last for up to 14 days. Keep refrigerated in paper bags. Before using, trim roots at cluster base. Separate stems … Read more

Bean sprouts, mung beans, mature seeds, raw

Common Name: Mung Bean sprouts, Sukju Namul/Nokdu Namul 숙주나물 / 녹두나물 Raw mung bean sprouts are used in a variety of side dishes, soups, braises, and stir fry dishes. Recipes using this ingredient Ban Chan – Sukju Namul (Seasoned Mung Bean Sprouts) Bi Bim Bap – Korean Mixed Rice Dish Snack/Appetizer/Dessert – … Read more