Tteokkaibi – Short Rib Meat Patties – Traditional

떡 갈비 Alternate Spelling: Ddeok galbi, Ddeokgalbi, Ddukkalbi, Dduk kalbi, Tteok galbi, tuk kai bi, duk gal bi, Duk kaibi Tteokkaibi was a way to prepare meat that was full of flavor, and easy for the King to digest. This recipe is for a traditional method to prepare this dish. 3 to … Read more

Soondae (Korean Blood Sausage)

Now a popular sausage served Korea wide, a version of this dish may have originated in the mountainous regions of Goguryeo (one of the Three Kingdoms) located in the northern portion of Korea and parts of Manchuria. It was originally made with the intestine from wild boar (pigs). Servings: 8 Ingredients Special … Read more

Sinseollo – A Korean Royal Dish

Sinseollo 신선로 Another dish from the Royal courts of Korea, Sinseollo means Pot or Food of the Mountain Gods. Traditional Sinseollo is prepared in a special cooking pot that combines a stove and pot in one. The pot looks something like a bundt pan, but the hole in the center has a … Read more

Seollung Tang – A Royal Soup

설렁탕 Seollung Tang may have originated during the reign of King Sejong during the Joseon period. One legend tells that the king visited the Seonnongdan area where the people were praying for a good harvest while plowing a rice field. On the Kings arrival at the site of the plowing, it began … Read more

Palbochae Eight Treasures Dish

팔보채 This dish is probably a Korean rendering of a Han Chinese royal dish. Throughout Korea’s history there was much interaction between Kingdoms in China and the different Kingdoms in Korea. Some Mongolian influence also took place when the Khan ruled most of China and the northern territories of Korea. Servings: 4 … Read more