10 Traditional Methods Of Losing Weight

10 traditional methods of losing weight

Obesity is a serious and increasing medical problem that is considered among the leading death causes throughout the world.  Approximately 30% of the total population in the world is overweight. Hence, it is crucial to opt for some weight loss techniques to counter this issue. Weight loss makes your immune system work … Read more

Guide to Different Types of Kimbap

kimbap on a plate

Often called the Korean sushi, Kimbap is a Korean food that is made of seaweed or kim, seasoned rice or bap, and ingredients such as fish cakes, beef, seafood, cucumber, pickled radish, and carrots. Just like sushi, a Kimbap is rolled and sliced before serving. Aside from the ingredients we mentioned, you … Read more

What is Haejang-Guk

Haejangguk soup

Haejang-guk is a traditional hangover soup in Korea. The word Haejung-guk refers to all kinds of guk or soup that are consumed to cure hangover in Korea, and sometimes, it is called sulguk. This soup often consists of vegetables, Napa cabbage, and meat in a beef broth. Seonjiguk is one type of … Read more